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Need some help. The post. Practicing four times. Well, he was out there last night. Right. Yeah. This is what we were hearing. If you if you're a real quiet everyone downtown because real quiet sh. That's great. We can hear from our studio. Yes. It's very low verba rates. It's the most amazing sound in the stadium. When the upright gets hit, you feel it because it because it's a gigantic tuning fork sure, it looks that way doesn't it? Right. And those those posts upright only four inches in diameter, and he's still find a way to hit hit. I'll tell you. You know that you talk about a pressure packed position. What you know? I mean it moments like that. And oftentimes that can be the difference between winning a game and not winning a game. Yeah. And have that pressure on your bag that you gotta get that little football to go through the, you know. I couldn't do Tom job. And what is that just winning? And losing the game. It might be winning. And losing the spread might be winning. And losing Neil. The things that go on here. Absolutely. Makes me nervous to think about it. You know, and I'm not even kicking the ball show. Wow. While in a close game. You know, he could make the difference for sure oh. Again. He's got guaranteed nine million dollars fifteen million dollar deals on all of them. Forum. Yeah. Minus a million every time, you know, what else Nick knows ro the line is two and a half. So maybe Parkin's of covering for the bears and giving them a game winner who knows or? Or not. Oh, gee. I think it's good. They get a chance to go out there quietly, and you know. The channel nine helicopter west. I think everybody had the helicopters hovering overhead then they couple station. Interesting though, that channel nine channel seven were over the over. Get a hold of they got some video of it. And then all of a sudden the bears called, and they did this whole, you know. You're not gonna run that. Now, are you? I think you're gonna run there. You're not going to run day. How did it go? I didn't ever see the video clip. I saw he made he made the kick. I just think it shows where the bears are this year, though, there's just so much interest in the it's been a fun season. The bears were three and six WGN ABC or not sending helicopters Soldier Field. This different field. Right. Yeah. Well, and he came a national story sort of. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Captures watching a kicker cake. Shows you where we are as sure bears. Crazy we need. So that when the bears there bears become the top story eclipse, everything, and so I said to a buddy early take, okay how life is so much better. When the bears are the electric pep in your step. It's true. They always say, you know, this is you know, you could be cubs your socks or if you're a basketball fan or the hawks whatever it happens to be. But it's always a bears town in their one hundred percent. So when they're losing we're complaining about it. Is. I am amazed because I keep running into a guy who's in charge of that the FOX station here. And you know, they they keep moving his games they've stolen now. Two of his games away. And the television ratings for the bears this year have been huge, right? You they're up twenty five percent over last year. Wow. You know, that's big number two minutes. However, huge number, right? Well, you know, it's amazing. Just what kind of audiences these football games garner. You know, it's it's really huge. And it's you know in this day and age where you're splitting audiences into ever. Smaller chunks. They still hang onto these. Ninety inches. Right. Right. All right. So just very quickly. What do we have coming out? We've got a little clipper coming, and they'll be some wench snow could start as a little mix. But it'll be wet snow. Probably starting in the neighborhood of two to four AM then it could snow into the first hour two of the afternoon. It will continue to show off and on along the lake beyond that into tomorrow night. And then that'll shift into Indiana by Sunday morning. This is not a huge system. But it's one hundred one of these ones that will lay down a little covers snow, and then always looks dramatic. Then the shunt come shop by late morning Sunday and Sunday afternoon. That's why the evening game will be clear, and we're looking for a near fifty degree temperature later next week. How about that? Thanks giving. Talk to you, not only took the management springing me here. But you've talked to somebody else to straighten out this thanksgiving winter for us. So the right thing, they're gonna shake you, sir. Weekend wrote. Thanks vianna. All right. Let's now check in with Kim was coming up at the bottom their role. It's Christmas time and the city. We have an accident on the west side blocking Madison street westbound between Pulaski and Kostner outbound. Stevenson, just keeps building it's an hour. Twenty minutes now lakeshore drive to three fifty five about an hour. Five back in the blue line is standing right now at Harlem vast due to some chemical issues wash for some delays to start building up there and Metra's Union Pacific west line back on the move after earlier freight train interference. But it is running about twenty five minutes behind schedule for personalized traffic on demand. Get the Traffix Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts team hockberg, just search T R A F F, I X Chicago. I'm Violeta podrumedic, WGN traffic central tonight..

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