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Healthy habits health food store has called forty thousand volts which is sodium chloride magnesium in potassium mm so these electrolytes when they come when you when they just become diminished a little bit it'll make a dramatic difference in impact you in terms of cramps so i would start with magnesium be taken magnesium supplementation of people are getting cramps in our in our shop sometimes we have a little square bottle that will scored a little magnesium on them muscle and that will be enough to to take them out of it but third and this is the mystery one is many times when your body's you need to change partially your brain is going to send a message to the muscle to try to figure out how to use it and that is in terms of cramped so when people are clamping in harsh shop we encourage them to stay in the cramp let that kind of follow through an everybody's looking at me like yeah i'm going to do that but the point is as they move through that cramped sometimes that's where some posture change takes place that they will thank me for after the cramped zoran those grants usually resolve in thirty forty five seconds so there's three regions hydration micronutrients and then partial changes that that her a a result of rigorous exercise so it but start with hydration and i'm going to add to that the wet when he talks about hydration and micronutrient it's kinda like having your car he may not think about it but in your car you know they're the coolant system of which consists of water and we call radiating coolant which israeli different minerals and things like that and so if you don't have enough water in your system your car is going to overheat and you're you're motors going to seize just like a cramp if you don't have enough coolant then that also keeps the temperatures down so not only water but you need the coolant right you.

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