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More help has arrived in New York I'm Dave Anthony fox news this is like adding a whole another hospital to New York City mayor billable hours you after the navy ship comfort docked on Manhattan's west side this ship is here ahead of schedule the amazing world of the military fox's Rachel Sutherland has more live Dave the floating hospitals are quick to take trauma patients freeing up space at hard hit medical facilities general Terrence o'shaughnessy U. S. north can't calm commander is in charge of this mission open for business and we're ready to to help with that take some of the pressure off the hospital system both in California as well as in New York City the USNS comfort docked in New York harbor has one thousand bed it's a dozen operating rooms and more than a thousand medical staff sister ship the U. S. and S. mercy is off the coast of Los Angeles and is already started accepting patients Dave original New York accounts for more than forty percent of the one hundred forty three thousand U. S. coronavirus cases but other areas of the country you're seeing more and more infections Michigan is now fourth in the U. S. with more than five thousand cases certain hot spots trying to keep up with an influx of cases in the Michigan governor warning her state could be a quote dire straits in a matter of days as we've learned a Michigan state lawmaker has died of the virus the governor of Louisiana sending his own alarm with fatalities per capita in his state rivaling that of New York City fox's time pyro the number of corona cases keeps rising in the ranks of the military nearly doubling since Friday to five hundred sixty nine service members infected nearly five hundred other family members civilian defense workers and contractors of also tested positive more economic fallout Macy's which is already closed stores is going to follow a hundred thirty thousand workers adding millions of people in various industries have already been laid off and on Wall Street stocks are rising to start the week the Dow is up nearly four hundred points but it is still down more than twenty percent from its all time high last month America is listening to fox news news radio que L. B. J. I'm Patrick Osborne this news brought you by apple leasing stopping Austin's news how does financial crisis will go under the microscope tonight at city hall mayor Doug Gaul says the forty eight city workers laid off last week were victims of the financial impact of coronavirus but councilmember Mike Snyder is not buying that and he says the real culprit is months of inaction for mayor golf and mayor pro tem Tom Hines forty people lost their jobs many of those that stayed took pay cuts our employees and our tax paying citizens deserve and demand elected people who will work to do what is right he says Gaul and Hines either resign or he'll initiate a recall petition council tonight will also consider changing the status of those forty eight workers which would then help them qualify for up to four months pay a recent report of a person testing positive for covert nineteen of the downtown Austin salvation army as again stoked fears that the virus could easily run through the homeless population Austin public health director Stephanie Hayden says it's also a concern for groups that hand out meals how can we provide whether it's meals or protective equipment to our partners so they can stand back up their operations and be able to provide those meals routine clean ups of camps will continue now the city is also installing hand washing stations and portable restrooms at some of those camps thousands of UT students returning to class today but not to the classroom senior vice provost Larry Singh gal says all classes are now online and other campus operations have also shifted online wherever possible and where not possible were focusing on critical operations were clear social distancing precautions including research labs and facilities grading systems are still being worked out for certain majors and while tuition will not be reimbursed other costs like parking and dining services may be refunded on a.

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