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Took control from the copilot she first asked air traffic controllers for permission to land at the nearest airport but then aim for philadelphia where the plane made an emergency landing one passenger was killed investigators say they found pieces of the broken engine fan blade the other blades in the engine were nicked during the accident but showed no signs of cracking i'm ed donahue florida based darden restaurants the parent company of olive garden restaurants and other chains allegedly has settled a federal lawsuit after one of its other chains allegedly told job candidates it didn't hire quote old white guys dardenne agreed to pay two point eight five million dollars to settle a lawsuit against its seasons fifty two chain moore townhall dot com the remains of a nineteen year old marine who was killed in action dole while at fighting the japanese during world war two have been recovered by the us military the defense department has identified pfc william f kevin he died november twentieth nineteen fortythree fighting for the strategic located pacific island of video and the toronto eight toll of the gilbert islands kevin is among dozens of marines recently recover from betty oh by history flight a florida based nonprofit the military then identified the remains using dna and other means history flights spokeswoman catherine razz dorf says kevin was born in ewing virginia here the kentucky and tennessee borders information regarding living relatives was unavailable keith peters reporting on this day in nineteen forty two the battle of the.

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