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Way you should have been from the gecko right now back to the episode. All right gimme a positive outcome any like old. You know teacher or somebody that you you worked with or a mom's friend that always had the heart for you. You know like somebody that just that. You really appreciated appreciated you. Well you mentioned my mom. She's first of all you one of these people who i've watched like your crowd. Workers is incredible. Expediter you're so welcoming to everyone you just you like your disa- fucking savage man because you're just peppering them with love before you crush them. You're always like you're always like. Oh wow that's an incredible name means or what do you have to. Oh wow. that's so so interesting and you know you're just put a festival of love and then you drag him into the deep waters eric. Plenty to why it's the it's the hit him and hug him rule. You know it's like you gotta fuck with them because everybody's got fucked with and but you know you don't have to be a total dickhead about it and i try to hopefully convey that. Because that's you know that's that's my favorite type of it when like i don't know how you are with people that that bust your balls. There's always got to be a little report from me. So if i don't know these people in the crowd getting a little bit of even if it's a couple sentences of just like what do you do. Oh cool and like being on board with it and letting them know that. I'm not you know. Celebrating office is the right word. But just that. I'm not out to get him. And also you know just getting more comfortable on stage and with silence gathering more info Is has been a great asset because you know. I have been so in the past shit. There's no laughs book and say something funny instead of actually listening and trusting that i can build a moment even if it is a minute in know but exactly i. I've i've learned a lot watching you and it's crowd. Work is an art man. And you can't if you if you have to just stay after that i. That's definitely missing piece of puzzle for sure while it's it's get i mean you're fucking you're getting after and it's an already seen leaps and bounds in the last couple of years and i'm sure that's that's right we go ahead. We performed in the round out in anneli recently. So you can valley at the supernova. Do love that which is just so fine. It's a great spot right. i love it. It's just you're in the round. There reminds me of growing up and doing theater. And i just love it but yet understand. People yelled the craziest shits because they think they want me to yell at them and they think they want me to go bad on them but no one really wants that. No you know. Joe my wife. She's a rusty bucket served. We're i'm not going to. it's too late. i have a rusty cut. Bucket cut off at seven. Pm sir way okay. So so in the spirit of of you kind of adding these new arsenals to your your weaponry the podcast. How you live in with jay piven yet official drop date is yesterday perfect and it's out it's it's out there and i've gotten to mix it up with some some incredible people and as you know it's just so fun you know you just if you're genuinely curious about someone. That was my question. What's better yeah. You haven't. I'm sitting down sitting here up. i'm talking with or hamas doll. You know cuban jesus game bread fastest knockout in the afc. And i just remember that he had this transition where he went into the jungle and then when he came out he started crushing. Everyone and so. I asked him about that. And how is entire life changes. Like i'm just genuinely interested in all these people like how jamie fox made the transition from stand up in the acting because he missed. Stand up what's going on with that and cool know and it's just basically you know we. Our job is to hang out with people. Were curious about sales. It's kind of amazing. And i got cuban on i mean. That's i'm fascinated by that dude man and even those clips you posted about him. Talking about basketball is so because he truly is a once in a lifetime. Type owner somebody. That's just that much of a fan that wants to be down shooting with them and get that involved and you know has kind of really changed. The dynamic of how involved in owner can be and and the personal stuff. I mean you hear from like even. I think it was dirks retirement. How much cuban means to him and what he's done foreman. It's like you know when you give a shit and you care enough about that which is rare in sports to have an owner. That truly. you're like. He's not down there shooting hoops just because it's a fantasy kid thing which a for sure anyone would do that and understand that but it's because he's also trying to like be like yo. I'm here like you got me at your disposal. Really really impressed by that. So i can't wait to listen to that one. Yeah and for whatever reason that people feel so comfortable with me that they just let their guard down right like at one point. I just i just said i played it through spag and people think meduse back. You're an actual douchebag and he's like. I know baby but i'm good at it and he just starts like you start taking a bigger lab and it's just like people aren't afraid to be exactly who they are when i sit down with them and that's always been the case with me for some reason people an. I'm i'm honored by that. That they feel comfortable with me. Because i think they sense that i respect them. And i'm curious about them and then so there's a level of trust and i think it's the same with you you'll probably the same way with. Oh yeah also your now. My six degrees of separation from cuban and i do want to get on shark tank. Maybe can help you out that. I've got an idea for a grilled cheese maker that also jokes from the shower. This is something that you know. I need to send off like to get the prototype. But you know if you wanna loosely. Pitch that to him next time. You're you know set. I think everybody wins with us. Come on the world by the way. It's so brilliant. You put it onto the universe so you have to get after that right away and you know what i mean. It's so good. I i feel like there's no sarcasm with that from you and affect just all full on support as a friend. I saw how you live in. Jay piven is out now. Amazing guests mazen conversations. It looks fucking great. Which is which is big for pods and no one's calling on cellphone. So that's great jerry. I want to close this out with with something. I don't know if you've done before but Inside the actors studio was a great favourite show of mine. Rip delay james lipton love to close out with a ten question questionnaire to get to know deep dive. We lost them. What is dude timing on. That is perfect. I think his phone was going to die. And it fucking died right before we close out you know what. That's hey you know you can't have everything that's a great example that life ain't fair and also. That's a great teaser. For for i guess when we get them back on the pod but well there was. There was as you come back. But that's just me all right. We're still going guys. Hope you enjoyed this episode with jimmy. Kevin coach got his podcast. How you live in with jay piven. Follow me on instagram and twitter..

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