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Wildlife care center says the three birds were found in a residential area. She says geese can be loud. Be to them. It could have been a nuisance situation that they were trying to take care of themselves, but it between the pills and shooting a bird inch. Namely, that's not the way to take care of it. He says people should know anytime you have a man-made lake. There's gonna be birds in Huntington beach corporate Carson KFI news. A man with a knife who hold himself up at a house in L A has given himself up after five hours in about ten rounds of tear gas police in the West Lake area. Got calls last night about a man with a knife chasing and threatening people. He hit from the cops and refuse to come out for hours until the swat team pump, the place full of tear-gas police say the man put up a little bit of a fight while being arrested, but was taken to a hospital. Chicago police officer has been found dead on New Year's day in an apparent suicide national law enforcement officers memorial fund CEO Craig Floyd, says the focus on mental health for officers. Increasing is increasing. But more must be done is tremendous stress on officers because of the nature of the job having to deal with. Gruesome crash seems or or responding to fatal shootings a group that tracks. Police suicide says one hundred fifty nine local and excuse me law enforcement officers killed themselves last year that was the same number as in two thousand seventeen. Championship belt. Will fall. Six is that for diction or is that a promise? As Roma's sit is pro wrestling announcer mean gene Oakland has died. He spent more than four decades doing interviews and calling matches for some of the biggest names in sports entertainment, such as whole Cogan macho man, Randy savage, and Andre the giant Oakland was inducted into the WWE hall of fame in two thousand six he had kidney disease and died at a hospital in Sarasota, Florida. Oakland was seventy six years old.

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