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Severe weather. Tom Terry starting to warm back up. I'm updating how much warmer we get again. Tomorrow coming up much warmer tonight than it was last night. We have clear skies seventy four in Orlando. I'm Tony Marino. Continuing team coverage. More big names pitching in health TSA workers who have been working with no pay during the shutdown gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of the rock group kiss, offering free meals at their rock and brews restaurants at airports across the country. We want to make sure that we can at least provide them with a delicious meal to show our support we want you to eat. Well, because you do so much for us in a video on the restaurants Facebook page, Paul Stanley says they can get a free meal at any stand alone location by showing their TSA ID in his latest expression of support. President Trump has reportedly invited to Catholic school boys at the heart of a media firestorm to the White House. Details are scarce about the Covington. Visit. The meeting might not happen until the government shutdown dispute is resolved Florida Senator Linda Linda Stewart of Orlando. Filing a Bill today to create in Orlando. United licensed tag to honor the victims and survivors of the pulse nightclub terror attack as well as recognize the community response revenue from the plate would go to create a permanent funding source to continue providing mental health services to those impacted by the nightclub terror attack. And it didn't take long for Pam Bondi to find a new gig. The former Florida attorney general joining Washington DC lobbying and PR firm today. The company says it's putting a new focus on helping fortune five hundred companies implement public policies in areas of human trafficking, opioid abuse and personal data privacy. Marianna Rivera, ROY holiday, ROY halladay. Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina all headed to the.

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