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Plot point right, but that he's got. He hangs out the pros. US Cool, but. The movies you're just talking through it again. You. Don't know where I'm at in my life right now. But I would say overall. You know. The name of the movie that we're cover. I'm not forget boy. And so overall this is this is a fun one. Don't Miss It. Fund one, don't Miss. Jonathan. To go to you last week. What I heard when you said you're taking it with something like? So I'm very excited to actually hear what you think about this. Maybe what'd you think? So to watch a Christmas movie in July. During a pandemic. To Go, mad? It's I can't tell what day it is now I. Don't know what it is. I watched I have we've spent two weeks. Wartime on this movie. Made the movie and and I think it works better as at death's door. Which I thought you just said the name of the movie was. It was not the most painful thing. I've never experienced, but. To be fair I was stunned by Portuguese man of war on the crotch once. And I'd be lying if I said I hadn't heard that story. Yeah I like this. Maybe this is a movie that has stuck with over the past three years I. Remember this movie more than a lot of other movies. Maybe it's because of the absurdity of them being able to hear each other with. Little House in between them. Maybe. It's just the way that they interact. Maybe it's Jesse Metcalfe just. Making me laugh just being the way that he is. There's a lot about this movie that makes me laugh at sticks with me, so yeah I like it. It's not one of my favorite ones of all time, but it is you know we watch a lot of these movies. One of the Games we like to play as we read us like read A. Bit about movie and trying to guess what the movie is because we've seen so many, and they kinda run together and the names are so generic. This is one that actually has stuck with me over the years. And I think it's I think it's a fun one. The only thing worse than talking about this movie twice is watching it wants. This is not a good movie. Jesse McCartney. McCarthy. McCartney's tried to steal McCarthy Jesse. McCarthy is just not for me. I I feel like Jesse Metcalfe let's the Jesse Metcalfe. Okay Jesse McCarthy is. A singer Jesse Mega. Oh now I know. You. Whatever the reverse of a receding hairline is he has it? It's his. His hairline is getting. Is it where we like like some by the end of the movie I think it's just eyebrows hair like a half inch between it. It's the same bid every time. He's in a movie. Even if it's that the dumb Martha's Vineyard Rich White People solve crimes movie. I. was fine for what it's worth. I'm not. WHO's how do you not like? Guberman you know I just know no, and normally like this kind of fish out of water gotta take care of kids, even though I've never seen a kid before. Some Nuance, or at least some newness to the movie, but no, this was a bad movie. Guys, it's really. Yeah? Yeah well I mean we agree. That offended. Yeah I think we're in agreement like Metcalfe's not our favorite boy. Car Or McCarthy good, good Jesse Metcalfe for me, not my favorite but there's still something about this movie in the charm of that steps charming. It's charming. It's trump as charming. Not a single thing charming about. Nine nine and Google. is as I said last week I do adore. The helium voiced ship monk, looking giggling of Guberman. I may not find it. I find it delightful. For some reason. I found it to be watching it. Once. Unbearable Okay Fair. Enough well. I love near. A good guess I guess we'll still have you back but I won't be happy about. Some. Feels better show we're talking about. Maybe gave us feels panda. Recall any feels from the movie that you definitely remember I. Definitely Remember Good Movie. You got the guy with the. Old Mega. Christmas based sing some Christmas songs appeals. There snow there's there's some kids where they're together at one point. and. and. That was fun. But also the scene where they're watching the movie next to our boy Jesse. Metcalfe and they both fall asleep on the couch, watching the movie. That's a cute. Cute snuggle seen snuggle scene, and you know just that gets. You feel as a parent and. Something sweet about that scene, and it's a moment I think at this. Point in the movie, because there's a little bit of a turning point there for Jessie where he started to say hey, you know what I love. These kids out for me. That gave me some warmth. Yeah, yeah, I can see that Jonathan. I don't feeling of dread and horror realize that gentiles love Christmas so much that they find this movie Charleston. People have had to flee every country. They've ever been in for thousands of years and will never understand why. That was real dread there. You. This gentile didn't like. Well first of all I'm going to say this. I wasn't going to I'm so tired of you passing. It's a gentle. You're Ju. A living educating people just come. In Love, you. Nuts, what are you doing? Not Secure enough yet. Jonathan I'M GONNA. Get there one day. Then let me do it on my own time. Man, this is really. The bill. The bill is in the mail for that Shirley's popcorn though. Of course because people are cheap everyone. Worked trail, you're unbelievable. That's why I picked up from this statement to me to You're just you're just trying to cover it okay. My feels I do agree I. I liked when he was when he was hanging out with the kids, but I would say. My my feel came from when he turned in the book. And then came back, and the big boss Man Jeffries over there did. So over the top happy that the publishers like the book. We have questions about the book that will get to, but I love big bosman throughout this whole movie. I loved him, but in particular scene it was a long drawn out. I love the best part is. Is that normally that bid is done after you get good news off the phone like phone? Publishers loved it I'm going to act calm. Turn to my family. I go guys. They loved it and it's great, but this guy. He invited Jesse Metcalfe to drive all the way into towns. Get in the building. Go to his. And then did the.

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