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That's how bad it is. Yeah. Yeah, this crazy but do yourself a favor and I realized that we're less than thirty days away from the presidential election and It's probably going to get worse before it gets better in how can you be effectively running your own life and real estate business if you're allowing yourself a steady diet of that insidious garbage so I strongly encourage all of you to. Follow I, don't remember what? It is. It's yeah. It's in the book Harris Rules, but guys seriously go in. We did see our book. Harris. Rules, one of the bookstores did we at the bookstores here? Yes. Yes and remember what number rule it was because they don't have it in front of me, but it's immediate. We usually talk about at least immediate free morning but having a media free life is pretty good too. It is really and that's one of the reasons by the way that podcast has gone through the roof Oh. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Because you can control what's going in your brain. Things, I like doing different things. You too and you and I sit we'll talk about wherever the heck we want to talk about and I like I wonder what when I was when I was channel surfing is getting back to the insanity of it all and we were watching all these people perform. It doesn't matter what side of the aisle it was but to me watching it and not having watched that stuff for a long time it was clear to me that those people are just playing a role. Yes there are acting basically yeah they were. They were like it was a bad skit. One after the other after the other I. Now it's over I don't like that it's become that acceptable that well, the reason is is because they have co-opt or they have stolen our hijacked and this is both sides the out I'm not being political here well, used to be something that was. Respected sure. You would watch Walter Cronkite the difference is This largely turned after nine eleven happened but the difference was and we grew up on, you know CBS nightly news with Walter Cronkite they were reporting what happened. Reporting not opinionated on not giving their spin on I mean if you were just saying, this is what happened today if you were wanting to have that experience where you were just wanting to have the news, that's not doesn't have a political bent to it or it's not about the opinion of the claim a reporter I don't even know where you would go because you know you you used to be able to just like scan headlines and kind of pick out what happened but even the headlines are salacious have spin and if you go we talk. About this a lot during the week that something come out and it it'll seem like what and then you scan down and like the the truth of what actually happened is like paragraph eighteen and that's the reason go not really related to the t to the headline when you guys are reading articles anymore notice how the title is often times similar but not the same the content. But look how most all media outlets and we do this to unto Julie Harris Dot COM You do this you do this for the sake of..

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