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Be arrested and thrown in prison for interrupting this remarkable. I love this song. When back in the day when I was a music Jack play this every three minutes by phenomenal Vanessa Williams joins us here on the big show today and first of all the nessa. Thank you. Thank you so much for taking time with us. It's a real treat and honored to chat with you. Well, thank you. Good morning. How are you doing very well? It's Super Bowl Sunday. But nobody cares. I said it's a great weekend. Not because of the game. But because you're in town. Well, hopefully, the people that don't wanna watch the Super Bowl will come and see me love this. I love this. Indeed. What originally from the great state of New York understand? The Bronx is where it all began. We live in the Bronx for a year. And then we moved up to Westchester. And and sure actually, I moved back and raise my kids. I've been back in my hometown since nineteen Ninety-two, which is kinda crazy. That's tremendous. And of course, the beautiful part about our company. I'm going to preface we have a couple of calls actually for you. If you don't mind just to wish you well. But is that my sister-in-law Miss America two thousand and one Angela Perez Baraki, oh, my sister-in-law and well her her remarkable. Commentary especially in context with us as part of the show, and then also coming forward with you were judge at the Miss America, not too long ago about three years ago and just had such wonderfully spectacular things to say about you. And and it was an important time. Because there was an announcement. That was made I don't think you expected. I don't if I'm correct. From MA. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's been jeez. I one when I was twenty I'm I'm fifty five right now. So it's been. It's quite a while. But and it's unfortunate because there's a lot a lot of turmoil. Now, I don't even I don't even know whether they're going to be back on network this year. I don't know what's going on. So, you know, time goes on. And and but that was a very pivotal moment for myself. But also, my my mother who's still. The by dad passed away, but my mom is still alive, and it was very important to her. And I got a chance to you sing my music and show the transition from a junior in college at Syracuse majoring musical theater to being able to sing my hit music and having showing my career also it was wonderful night. I love the career path that you've had it's been just tremendous. But you mentioned your parents and both musicians meters in their own, right? Yeah. Both music teachers. Yeah. In elementary. They taught for my dad's forty years plus, and I'm I'm just about forty years. So they certainly made their Mark and and helped me in being in the career spot that I am. So, and I'm I'm lucky to be able to have so many options, you know, like, for instance, being here, you know, I'll be on the blue note for the next three nights deign to shows, and I got a chance to sing my hits. But also seeing some of the Broadway, Steve. That I've done and and kind of reflect on on where I've been the past thirty plus years talking with Vanessa Williams remarkable, by the way, you may not know, but Vanessa sixteen Grammy nominations is that still the accurate number. Now. Is it sixteen out? I don't know. I know. There again that's been a while to my first album came out in nineteen eighty eight. So it's it's been. Yeah. A long time coming, but I'm happy to still get played on the radio. That's you know, that's that's the good stuff. Well, listen, I'll play every day. We have a talk show play your music, if you don't mind Vanessa I'm gonna head on out to Hawaii KAI just for one call during our brief time together, but want to make sure that Kevin out in Hawaii KAI as an opportunity to connect with Vanessa Williams. Kevin good morning. I've been asked to how are you get how you doing? Kevin good. You are such an icon. I mean from the musical career that you've had to the media to the movies that you've done, my friend, Bobby call willing, you did it's cold outside. Absolutely love Bobby. Yeah. So I just wanted to call and say thank you for coming to Hawaii. And I think you're right up there. Now, you your first albums came out in the eighties. But you're just is an iconic Phyllis Hyman who with Norman Connors, and you were just that type of of a vocalist that I just totally grew up with. Well, thank you. I mean, I I appreciate that. And and I I value your your your analysis. But you know, I think my strength is telling story when I get behind the mic and saying my melodies, and you know, I know when people say, oh, my God, you may be cry. And I've done my job because I've taken the the audience member someplace on an emotional journey. And I think being able to do the pops up at also the theater stuff to you have to have that, you know, approach, and I'm happy that you appreciate it. Thank you. I do. Thank you Vanessa. Kevin very much. That's Kevin out in white guy. We thank him very much with the Nisa Williams. And this is a show you just simply cannot miss and Vanessa's with us for three nights. As a matter of fact tonight with her show at six thirty pm, then again at nine PM and all the way through until the third Friday Saturday and Sunday, right? And I can't wait to come. And join you I have my beautiful children. Love your music. I've shared it with them for years. Both musicians in their own right? My son just performed in the school talent show is a senior in high school yesterday. So boy, congratulations. He do. He. Composed his own original song played his own keyboard and nice first time that he has ever sung in public. Okay. Shows a talent show at school depending on the line. Sherry is fantastic. He was just remarkable Vanessa again just wanted to check in a little bit because of the music that you perform it touches. So many people have got to ask you about save the best for last because it's one of those songs that everybody has some sort of relationship to the song. Events in their own lives. How did this come about? Well, that's the the the comments that I get whether it was the prom song or whether it was somebody's wedding song or whether it was a song that people had broken up and gotten back together. It was that moment in time. We we spent six weeks at number one. And it was it was it was an amazing. It's it's all about melody. And obviously, you know, I was blessed to have a fantastic song by three amazing songwriters. But it just was that perfect combination of production and air and simplicity that spoke to so many people and it stands attested time. Every time. I I sing it. When I hear people do karaoke. I love and people sway. It was weighing back and forth and sing along. It's just remarkable Vanessa again tonight tomorrow and Sunday, Hawaii dot com. It's easiest way. By the way, we have. China. Rate for our friends who live here locally and come on. Enjoy been blue notes just a remarkable. Then you I can't wait to be there. This is my first time playing at blue news. Can't wait to see is going to be the vocalists. If you don't mind just a few more moments, but it has to do about about what you in rigidly as you were growing up where you believe that you would be in your career and adult life has it was it always music from the very beginning. Well, I I really I mean, I I've always been musical. But I love to dance, and I did mostly modern dance. So my first dream was to be an Albany, Ailey dancer, and and and be in New York. And then when I started singing, and dancing and musicals and realize I could actually major musical theatre. You know, I grew up so close to Manhattan and Broadway that I said well that's a tangible goal. It's just one audition away. So I really thought that broadly was going to be at and I again, I've been able to to star in Broadway several times. But the recording is something that I never thought that I would ever have as part of my my arsenal. And and then you know, television and film, those are two that to do a pilot for ABC in March, and we'll see hopefully it that gets picked up. I hopefully, we'll be on on TV again starting September on a comedy. But those are all the things that are just kind of on the cake, which I love we loved in ugly. Betty, of course. And I think soul food was how was that the performance in your participation was soul food because that was really there was a lot going on in that show. Yeah. Sell food came out in ninety seven. And it was the first the film that George Tillman had done a you wrote it and directed it. So was a young writer, and it was a wonderful opportunity to work with a new artist. And it was about his family, and I played a great juicy role and Terry lives on Anthony with her nice. Exactly. How when's the last time you were in Hawaii? I was in Hawaii maybe four years ago four or five years ago. I came at four Howard Hughes event, they were breaking ground on a new building. And it was kind of a a celebration with the the Honolulu symphony. So I did a concert with them phenomenal. Heavy back here back home. I want to remind everybody it is tonight tomorrow and Sunday, we have a dear friends at the blue note, they've put out a wonderful venue and inviting guests and artists like yourself unnecess-. So wildly remarkably talented, and we just can't wait to see you. Thank you so much is to be there. Thank so very much Vanessa Aloha tape. And that's a Williams. We will be back in just a moment. We'll get caught up and then the goodfellas kicks in but Vanessa you can see her again tonight, tomorrow and Sunday blue note, Hawaii dot com ask four or log on for the KOMO Heiner rate. Your.

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