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Eight eight eight nine eight eight josh that's triple eight nine eight eight j o s h now let's get back in the huddle with the financial quarterback gosh jilin ski the financial quarterback taking your calls next caller gave you're on with josh jilin ski and jordan goodman who were giving his book away to schedule scheduled keeping obligation review eight nine at a josh go ahead jordan um damn about twelve years ago i had a i stylish my role over ira and i it most of my stocks with at twenty four different mutual funds have almost doubled in the twelve years except for two which i could give you the names of the family but there in the gold mutual funds they with regionally would down more than fifty percent over the years they've come up a little bit now and i'm just wondering if you think i should maybe hold on to them now i would hold on to them because of what scar on the world gold is have a big move i'm a gold got down to about eleven two hundred dollars an ounce knots about 1320 at the peak in two thousand levels by 19 hundred dollars an ounce so you can see it kim way down it's come back up and i i would hold on to it developed without bigger part of your portfolio but with what's going of north korea in all these things around the world i think gold's gonna be coming back so that going to mutual fund proudly as owning gold mining shares which of leverage to goal so as gold goes up those go up even more so i i would hang onto the dave the the other thing i would look at dave is i would want to see what that gold fund is in and there are many different gold funds n e t s n so if.

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