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There is part of me. That's like, well, you know, if you're going to be that stupid. But and I'm not serious about that. But like the problem is that they also endanger other people, so it's that's right there. So they're stupid and endangering other people too. So yes, don't don't add me. I I'm not legitimately saying that people who take by waterfalls deserve to die. I'm just saying the dumb thing to do. And you shouldn't do it. Very very dumb. Hey, that's really dark. So let me tell you about something. Nice. The fuzzy update before we go we like to do something that's happy. And this is a great one. I want to tell you the story about a miracle puppy named Tony hawk now, why why is this miracle puppy named Tony hawk that's because one day earlier this month in Austin, Texas, there were some people walking around their construction workers, and they heard a puppy crying. And they're like where is that puppy, and they couldn't find the puppy around them anywhere. And all of a sudden a puppy fell out of the sky and landed near them, and they looked up to see a hawk flying away. This is the miracle puppy who was caught by a hawk and was going to be carried off. But apparently instead landed near the construction workers who took it to veterinary clinic, it's a it was a one pound Chihuahua puppy had some punctures from the hot hawk talons. No broker. In bones taking in. For now. The puppy is is named Tony hawk as a reminder of its daredevil nature as it flew through the sky after being dropped by a hawk. So there's that too. So hurry for the miracle puppy and. Yeah, watch out if you've got small pets that you don't want hawks or coyotes or whatever getting to them seriously address. Yeah. They are. Yeah. I don't think they'll take my hundred and forty five pound. Yes. Dogs that would be unfortunately, Tony hawk so little so apparently appetizing for a hawk so good job puppy. You save you save the day. It's awesome. And that brings us to the end of this episode of download caroliina Milanesi tell people where they can find you can find me on Twitter at Carrow underscore Milanesi, which is M. I.

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