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It Sally joint that opened on Saint Patrick's Day. They don't need much luck. Foods beats celebrate football since with Bartolini one hundred forty four th and blast. Your money on WGN CNBC is reporting that the new York Attorney General has opened a probe probe into movie pass and its parent company company. Helius and Matheson, the office is investigating whether movie pass misled the investment community Kleenex Baker. Clearly Kimberly Clark says it'll be brand man-size tissues after consumers complained. The name was sexist. The company says following a consistent increase of complaints on gender concern over recent weeks, the product will now be called Kleenex extra-large futures are pointing to opening losses on Wall Street in about fifteen minutes. Now, WGN traffic, here's Mary van developed up on the Edens. Thirty six minutes to lake cook him out twenty two out banana Kennedy forty five minutes to O'Hare fifty five coming in from the airport. Forty five from the Edens thirty eight express and bike our five from fifty three about forty six for Mannheim in our outbound fifty three inbound Stevenson fifty from the tri-state in the Ryan's twenty two. From ninety fifth Bishop Ford delays from one hundred fifteen fifty seven from Sibley to ninety four slows northbound one hundred twenty seven to fifty five lake shore drive, southbound Lawrence to Belmont and into belbow oakbrook watch for an accident Butterfield and Myers also in lake Zurich at half day and old rand for personalized traffic on demand. Get the traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hochburg just search T R A F F, I X Chicago.

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