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On the west grand Boulevard and we are right in the brakes heading into an Arbor crashes causing stop and go on I ninety four west bound from here on street view as twenty three in the forecast some drizzle this morning mostly cloudy the rest of the day with a high near forty patchy clouds tonight low thirty more clouds than sun tomorrow with a high in the mid forty right now all that lingering drizzle or at thirty one degree I'm John Bailey of the patriot FM one oh one point five and eight AM fourteen hundred this is your money now with the patriots to trade financial news at a time of record low unemployment and intense competition for workers manufacturers are paying relocation costs and bonuses to move new hires across the country half a million factory jobs around fill the most in nearly two decades well Americans are moving around the country at the low street in seventy years to entice more workers to move manufacturers are raising wages and offering signing bonuses Ford's China sales fell for the third year in a row in two thousand nineteen dropping to less than half of what it sold at its peak in two thousand sixteen the company says the situation for the broader market is likely to get worse this year Ford sold just over five hundred sixty seven thousand eight hundred vehicles in China down twenty six percent from a year ago GM is bringing back as polarizing Hummer brand but in a different form the Hummer will be reinvented as an electric shock and GM will promote it with the Superbowl ad starring lebron James this is Jennifer could shake up for the patriots and your money now in fact mortgage court TVA Casco mortgage in MLS ID one two eight two three one equal housing lender not licensed in all states including New York offer not available in Washington call eight five five six five seven of the nineteen for licensing terms and restrictions if you are a homeowner I've got great news that could save you money in response to rising home prices federal housing officials have stepped in to help make mortgages more affordable here's how some mortgage loans with specific maximum amounts are backed by government agencies and those borrowers receive lower interest rates because the government insures them but now the government is expanding the limits of these types of loans by ten percent or higher so what does that.

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