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Such a bad that recently in a survey two thirds of americans couldn't even name the three branches the federal government and while ninety one percent of people apply for citizenship test. This country can pass the basic civic status in forty nine hundred fifty states. Recently the majority of citizens couldn't pass basic citizenship. Test that you have to take to be a citizen so we should do a better job of informing our citizens. And that's why some of the things i do is designed to kind of get people educated about this a little bit more than maybe they otherwise would be if you could get a message a quote a word and image anything out to billions of people. Metaphorically speaking on a huge billboard could be anything. What might you put on that billboard. Give back to your country do something that makes the world a better place in your country a better place. Honor your parents. Your reputation is all you really carry around with you. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and five minutes to destroy it. So don't do anything to destroy your reputation but do things don't honor your children your parents and yourself and give back to the country which you presumably think is the best country in the world or you wouldn't be here really enjoyed this david. Thank you so much. thank the recent. Thanks royal restricts your obviously well researched and you know your material pretty. Well thanks i i do. I do my best and people can find more at david. Rubenstein dot com the new book or a the latest book. But certainly one of many to come as how to lead wisdom from the world's greatest. Ceo's founders and game changers so anything else that you would like to to say or request of my audience before we bring this douglas. No i would just say. I've been interviewed by a lot of podcasts. People and you aren't as well informed as anybody ever been interviewed by your obviously do a lot of research and i appreciate it and you have a very soothing voice which works quite well on podcast so i you have done other things in the business. Where and stuff worth. You have a real future here. And i look forward to listen to a lot of your podcasts into. I'm going to go back and reread some of your books. Okay thank you. David i i really appreciate it and this is this has been really enjoyable for me and perhaps some some point post post covid will bump into each other but my new book is going to be seven day workweek. We need a seventy know. I was thinking when you were like. Oh this person's native language isn't even english. I was like you know that that could be a blurb on the back of one of my books. Maybe i'll send a galley for you to read but really appreciate it and everybody listening. We'll have notes for everything at tim..

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