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Money Monday. Morning Listen I know, one three thousand, Tom This is the Tom leykis show I wanna talk, to you about our newest advertiser and. I'm? Excited about stamps dot com why because. I'm a stamps dot com customer I have a small business as you all know this is it right here. And we used stamps dot com send out tickets to, events products that. We sell merchandise t shirts caps what have you if you have a small business or medium, size business and you use postage you have. Got to try, stabs dot com These, days you can get practically everything on demand You know. Like our show you can, listen whatever you want whenever it's convenient, for you you can even. Get posted on demand all UNITA stamps, dot com and if you're like me You're too. Busy to the going off and running another Erin like going to the post office with? Stamps dot com you can. Access all the services. Of the post office right from your, desk so, you're going to, buy and print real US postage. For any letter or any, package twenty four hours a day seven, days a week just click. Print mail and you're done Evac stamps dot, com we'll even send you. The. Same digital scale that we have at our front desk at the office you could wear your letters and packages and instead of wasting money slapping a bunch of stamps on, a package you get to know, the exact amount of posted every single time and you, want to know something else you get a. Stamps I don't need the commercial I know steps dot com okay you're going to get rates on postage that are lower than. What you would normally get at the post office stamps dot com is? A partner with the US postal service and you're gonna get special, treatment and that means. You're going to get lower postage rates then you can get, at the post office you've.

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