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Sammy Callahan versus mardi girl are no rules deck, fight match. It's not a street fight because it's on a boat. It's a deck fight. All all systems go. There's nothing band, nothing disqualified that you can't lose via hitting somebody over the head with a pipe late. If that's what they have on. Ship. I don't know, also got a dream match LAX the young bucks, Johnny Mundo on the ship challenge in the bullet club along with Brian cage and the LAX we're going to find it. What happens with that? Live talk is Jericho with Ricky the dragon. Steamboat live talk. Is Jericho remembering Eddie Guerrero with Conan zero. Live talk, is Jericho with the entire bullet club. Live talk is Jericho with Jim Ross and Jerry the king Lawler Mick Foley doing his twenty years of hell. Stand up show talking all about his days his time when he did the hell in the cell, the initial hell in the cell match. Also keep it one hundred versus kill in the town. I mean, that's going to be insane Conan versus Don callous disco inferno. Versus Paul lies in BIA's, he'd say, over in the first round of the ring of honor, see of determined as well bracket a lethal versus Whitmer Daniels versus delirious skirl versus Titus young versus Gordon bracket be Mark Briscoe versus we'll Ferrara Adam page versus kazarian g bad ago versus the beater city bruiser Jay Briscoe versus Kennedy, king Saul. Much other stuff going on beyond the darkness will be there telling scary tales, coal, Cabana. Marga Rosa, do the unprofessional wrestling show, busted open. We'll be there with David Greco live comedy for Brad Williams, Craig gas, Ron funches the impractical jokers, Sal, and cute. And of course, the rock and roll shows. Corey Taylor will be there of Slipknot, and stone sour. Phil Campbell, the bastard sons fuzzy. We'll be playing king. The stir from Atlanta, the Dave Spitak project featuring rival on drums the cherry bombs that dawn's of rock and roll the world's greatest ACDC female cover bands, shoot to thrill blizzard of Ozzy the world's best Ozzy cover band. So Cal Val special cruise director special host. Well, Foley, Kelly Klein, Maddie, Leon Sumi, Sakai will be there from women of honor. Brandy roads is going to be there. What else do you want? Listen, come on. I flew all the way from Little Rock to Chicago to be at all in to let you guys don't, you don't to miss. The cruise is something special less than one hundred cabins left, Chris Jericho, cruise dot com. Don't you dare. Miss it. And if you need more proof that you need to be at Chris Jericho's rocket rusted razor, see this Friday. It's all in. We talk all about what am I going to call it from all end to Fosse Kansas City, Chris, and Jack's. Excellent adventure me and Jack Slade, travel all the way across the country to do the attack, Kenya, mega all the behind the scene stories and believe me. It didn't go as smoothly as you might think from people taking pictures, trying to post it on the net to having the wrong costume Pentagon brought the wrong costume. The lightning storm that we almost missed the Fosse show against city. It's quite the adventure live here on Friday. It's Chris Jack's. Excellent adventures. We tell all the story as we went from Little Rock to Chicago, all in two fuzzy, Kansas City. Don't you dare miss it? It's a great, great story. We'll see you on Friday until then the meantime, and in between time stay hard, stay hungry, peace love, and hugs big boy. The Westwood One podcast network.

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