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Texan friend of mine. Uses the expression happy as boardinghouse pup and apparently a lot of texans use this term. And i thought why would a pup at a boardinghouse behalf. I think i've heard about this. It's because the food is known to be bad. And so you on the sly scrape it off so the dog can eat it under the table. Oh that makes a lot more sense. I was just picturing like a bed and breakfast. You know doc is so happy to see everybody. Everybody's missing their dogs back home so they're giving the dog. Lots of the makes a board comes with the room and they give you the bare minimum food and it's usually terrible. That makes much more sense. I'm so glad. I mentioned that. Happy as gordon house poke. The dog doesn't care to eight seven seven nine two nine nine six seven three support for a way with words comes from jack and caroline raymond proud sponsors of wayward inc. The nonprofit that produces and distributes this program. You're listening to a way with words. The show about language in how we use it on grandpar- and martha barnette i was going through one of our favourite reference works the dictionary of american regional english and i realized that there are an awful lot of regional terms that involve the word cat cats and cats not for example. Do you know what can't beer is i. Hesitate guests can and cats plummets at least bettys dogs not to re consume it. It has nothing to do with. What's cat beer cat. Beer is a term that you hear in the north at least in minnesota and vermont. That means milk. Oh how about that. What about cat hair. That's not the cat hair cat here something else. Would this be cat hair. Take you might say if somebody He certainly got the cat. Hair whiskers on your face from not shaving money. That's money they had citations from oklahoma and ohio. cat hairs. The cat hairs have money. Yeah okay sure In cat ice is another one. I really liked is not is no. Who's that. what's that cat. ice is Really really thin ice. It's either because Well here's one citation from Wisconsin that says cat ice forms in depressions in fields. Edges of pools. Just like glass. Looks like the eye of a cat with bubbles in the ice or a cat would break it stepping on it. Oh i know that kind of ice. Yeah and one more cat face. Oh sure. I know that one. We have terms for that on. We have a citation for that on our website. Okay so these are fruits vegetables especially tomatoes. The where they they kind of grow with some weird splits in the side. Like the the way the cat's mouth shape uh-huh yeah or the way that a tomato looks when you put off the vine that part where it connected to divine looks like the little the triangular shape catfish. Yeah they're actually a couple of other definitions for cat face..

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