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Cancer happens and your key strategies for a healthy life. Dr. John Good Tuesday morning. Thanks for joining us, as always, we appreciate it. Thank you for having me, Mike. And then a tangle of listeners. I want to get to this obesity. Ah, study here and the CDC isn't new guidelines. But first, Dr John, I'd like to get the trajectory of the Corona virus. We're seeing cases increase across the board at a Navratilova about 50,000 Day. Not good. No in the incidents of covert 1940% higher number the last month in 30 states. The incident is on the upswing with Louisiana, not the Corta, Mississippi. Florida and the court are leading the way. Now this is expected to get even worse. Building. The cold weather season when people spending more time. Inside our than outside. Dr John We saw hospitalization rates going up in areas of Texas and across the country, but we are better handled way are better suited to handle hospitalization rates. Are we not Yes, we can. But again, as you mentioned in the beginning, the obesity can make this words. There is no evidence that obesity makes one more susceptible to catch the wider. How about those who auto bays are 113 times more likely to end up in the hospital, then those off a healthy weight 74 person are more likely to be admitted to a nice you. And 48 person more likely to die. You may ask the question why? This has happened. Let me give you an exam on explanation. Kobe City means storage of energy nutrients consumed in excess of immediate use into fact, in the morning their diet this means cheap processed foods. That are mostly made with grain flour. A born delegation this year's an abundance of glucose. Elevation of blood glucose causes release off insulin. Infinite remorse, all cell activities in growing wire multiplication. White can now spread to the lungs, making the infection more serious. Innovation. Deposition of Fat inside Edward could impede the timely arrival of immune cells to a site of infection. Also, sometimes doctors like Go with 19 infected people lie on their stomach officially dated briefly. You could not do this. If you have abdominal obesity. Is Dr John. We've heard UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson say he's losing weight. And that was one of the reasons he suffered so bad from Corona virus. He was on a ventilator If I heard you correct that increases the chance of entering your lungs is that what happened with Boris Johnson? Exactly. He admitted that he was to fact when he was hospitalized. He attributes did this to his late night binges off eating. His discovery he has become noticeably thinner is now exercising more running daily. This is dog on his side. So what do we need to be worried about? Here Are our body mass index. Ueno. The CDC has lowered it, but But, I mean, how do you even read body Mass index? Ah, What? What can I tell my just stepping on my scale, maybe some lifestyle changes. The According to CDC or 70% of Americans are over. 20 are overweight, obese or severely obese, with a body mass index identified 2 30. 30 to 40 or over 40, respectively. Now, as you suggested, the CDC saying You wouldn't even be having a little excess weight, you have a greater chance off severe illness. No matter the question is not only how to avoid getting the virus. But also how to reduce rate. To accomplish not catching the virus. We all know what to do, where facemask keep social distancing and practice hand sanitation. Anyone wanting to lose weight. My recommendation is very simple. Cut down the takeoff, all gain based foods to one half. Off your current intake doing. Eat me. But cereal bread boards prized notice pasta bits, barricade cookies. Just for two weeks. Now. Now the importance of doing this way off Losing weight is that you are in charge. You don't have then roared in an organized meet those programs. You don't have to eat any playback foods. You may occasionally regain some late, but You know what to do how to get back. Most importantly, This is a lifestyle change that you get practice for the rest of your life. Yeah, And we know from past conversations with you. You want us to avoid that? That anyway and I have to tell you And I've said this many times on this show. I cut out sugar about by 70% and Ah, I have not gained the weight back. And that was more than a year or so ago. So the grains in the sugar Ah, you don't need to go 100%, but cut back and it makes a different for sure. Most people needed encourage a sign that they are doing the right thing. They're losing lead. This is a simple thing. You won't miss anything you can eat. Everything is I can't wait but cut down the grain Baseball's just half Dr John, We appreciate your time. As always..

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