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It's because they had a bad experience the first time around and that's why every body needs to make sure that they get this is that they want that matches her body, a six hundred sixty implant is not gonna look good on a five foot, two hundred ten pound woman. It just it's just I mean it's just too big. Yeah, this is kind of what I was trying to ask a little bit earlier in in a situation like that. If you just go into, I want these giant. It doesn't work for somebody's right it. It'll it'll look good for like a year or two, but I'm not, you know, and I really try to educate. And so as you guys know, I put everything out there, put it on my social media. I put on my Instagram doing my Snapchat. You can see all the steps I do from operation. I and sometimes I do consoles too. I, I talk about the reasons why I'm using the certain sisal even mentioned in operation the base with and all that stuff. And that stuff is really important because we know statistically, if you go a certain size and it starts to happen right around four hundred c. c.'s complication rate and revision rate goes up below that we're, we're in a good. We're in a good zone. Where that we are complication rate and a revision rate stays pretty low. That's why it's hard for me to talk on anything other than my own experience because I've had I had a good experience the first time I've had a great experience this time. So I mean, the I can just speak on my journey. You also do something in the operating room where you sit the patient up, totally about that kind of. Yeah. I'm one of the few surgeons that likes to use size IRS during the operation. It delays the operate, what doesn't really delay it? I think it's a necessary part because you wanna see how the implants look. When's the last time you went to a really fancy shoe store bought a pair of shoes without trying them on first. We pretty much have a good idea of what our size is, but sometimes we're off off by a half size and to me, that's not what people are coming to to get done. They're not going to have me kind of guesstimate what their size should be. I wanna see exactly how it looks, and especially for revisions, you cannot get away with shooting from the hip, doing revisions without using sizes, but even for primary argumentation, I wanna see how it looks on our patients before I commit them to that size because you're not here to buy a car. This is your body, you're making decisions about your body that you have to live with the rest of your life..

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