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Thirty percent. The change is difficult every year. I mean, even if you keep your head coach, you're going to have a new assistant. You'd have new coordinator new special teams guy, you're not thirty roster. So this is a year to year thing. This is a year to year, the NFL changes whether you change your head coach or not. There's gonna be changed. The players are in like, I'm just telling you like I'm in I'm in the team meetings. I'm guessing your practice the players that are here. Like, they understand the inner stand that we need to do things better. And they worked extremely hard this year. And I'm proud of those guys. So appreciate you guys. All right. Bob quinn. Addressing the assembled media. And of course, the listeners here to lions radio on seven sixty WJR. I think he took the Matthew Stafford. Question in Tibet. I'm sure that's not going to stop the speculation and the unnamed sources from saying. What they usually say. But I think Matthew Stafford is our quarterback. He will be our quarterback here multiple times during the course of said conversation. Chris renwick. I think that that puts that to rest. Yeah. He spoke glowingly of Matthew Stafford. He believes that they can win the Super Bowl. And he he's kind of their guy who does the said the quiet things that nobody hears about. And and does his best to try to make players better. So yeah. It doesn't seem like there's any of that luster lost in Allen park with number nine. I'm not sure that we'll ever like maybe fully find out what what ailed Matthew Stafford this year. Bob Quinn, referred to it as quote, the back thing. But I can tell you this. And I'm sure you've heard other people say this Matt Matthew Stafford wasn't walking right quite often down there and Michael Hera made reference to it this morning and that guy never a complaint. He is one tough cookie. He is one tough cookie. I very quickly since we are on the five. Why don't we take a look at traffic and weather? I want to know how we can solve food insecurity in Michigan. Listen to thought leaders from across the state during food for thought with Dr Phil Knight every Sunday night at nine on WJR, presented by farm bureau insurance of Michigan and the food Bank council of Michigan spirit, plenty of sunshine, dry conditions, fairly light traffic. No major wreck snow on expected roadblocks though, the freeways, you're looking pretty good in southeast Michigan. However in southwest, Detroit, thanks to the ongoing roadwork. It is a slow go on I seventy five the Fisher freeway southbound from the. I ninety six interchange down to Clark avenue border crossings, look good. With the exception of inbound traffic at the blue water bridge, whether reported thirty to forty five minute, wait. I'm John Bailey. WJR right on schedule fake.

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