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Us in about ten minutes a couple other pieces of breaking news if you are just joining us is about an hour ago the PGA tour was next to suspend operations through the Valero Texas open that goes through April fifth the Players Championship is off after they are the tournament being played four one day today are some of you may also be thinking immediately realize it goes through April fifth but you know what happens right after that golf the masters I'll go ahead and get yourself ready for the masters to be held in a different month this year but now that would be my guess the masters will be held but it'll be a different month something else were forgetting and everybody's like all my gosh there's no sports do you realize what's going to happen here in the next four or five days like NFL free agency is totally is is totally fine I mean maybe not find what I mean no the regular what where were they going to suddenly change the franchise tag deadline because of this yes really that's already done for when I was reading earlier there is there is there's talk there's real talk about how it's not a good look to try to overcome the news cycle with that with talk of how of of players making multi million dollar contracts in the face of all this okay that's fine but you can do it then with something I've advocated all along and I know this drives people up the darn wall I just do it without numbers still without numbers NFL numbers are funny money anyway all those numbers that we read are real you know you can cut the guy the very next year I wish we didn't know anyway because it makes us freak out and totally change our opinions about our guys employers when we're speaking from a place of off of total lack of education because the salary cap in the C. B. A. or they're so complicated just tell me team a has signed said player so I don't know we'll see what they do but I would be a huge proponent of letting it play it's not a bad luck it's a lock it is something that has absolutely nothing to do with gathering people in fact if we're being asked to stay home do you want to know how NFL free agency works I had wrong Marat today on a on a podcast last year he told me how he signed Jerick McKinnon who was on a phone call in his office with an agent at three in the morning Hey guys got contentious one time and I'm trying not to yell because the kids are sleeping I mean this is stuff that you can do from your home so let them do it let them do it L. allows sports fans to have something some god be the side that I'm on I also want to pass this along a new statement has been released by the San Jose Sharks a part time employee at S. A. P. center has tested positive for covert nineteen so I think everybody's starting to get the message here I understand that we know about said number of cases and it's just way more than that it's way more than that and that's why I'm not matter Rudy go bare if you think that this is in the NBA because of Rudy go bare I'm sorry I disagree this is a global pandemic you don't blame one person for a global pandemic there's no stopping this as long as World War all still gathering that's how you stop it we'll stop gathering really go there is not in charge of us gathering I was a little bigger than him I get it he was flipping but that's not what started this whole thing so anyway give me are back to your calls shortly but let's still will sound garden here shall we and our buddy John bloom Suns broadcaster in about six or seven minutes but right now five pieces of sound can I name the speaker producer Josh.

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