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You almost certainly no because each of these guys has had a pretty incredible career richard marx. And jacob dylan marks of course wrote and performed some of the most indelible pop hits of the late eighties and early nineties including and listened night's launch the nights and the super smash right here waiting which comes up in this conversation. But even the era of mullets and jeans faded marks couldn't be stopped or rather marxist songs couldn't be stopped he's continued releasing music over the years and his influence can be felt deeply to this day. Just check out the audio and visual of john mayer's latest album which basically pays tribute to marks. And it's not just music marks recently released a funny candid. Memoir called stories to tell in which he details some of the incredible memories. He's made in the music business over the years. And that's jacob dylan entered the picture as you'll hear though the two didn't know each other dylan went on joe rogan's podcast recently to praise. Marx's book and a friendship was born now dylan. Is no slouch in the music department. Either you can't be with that family name..

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