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Is the pastry chef at little midway the new dessert. Parlor from burn steakhouse if you missed our all access tour of burns earns you can go back and listen. It's on episode. Six Chef de cuisine. Hab Palm Day takes me through every nook and cranny of the restaurant and gives us some great advice vice for grilling a better steak. The Salvador Dali the museum in Saint Petersburg contains more than twenty four hundred works by that artist and the museums restaurant cafe. Gala pays homage to Dolly's native Spain with menu items like Serrano Ham Salad Spanish Omelette and Sangria. The Museum Chef Chuck Vandal recently cooked his way through Spain refining his techniques at Michelin Star restaurants. Chef Chuck is also an accomplished photographer. And the Dali Museum has turned his food photos into a mouth-watering exhibition called flavors of Spain. Our producer daily Cologne visited the museum for a conversation with chef. Chuck and with a cafe's manager Jennifer Fletcher when we talk about flavors of Spain or flavor profiles profiles. What are the key ingredients fresh and light and lots of Share is olive oils garlic garlic and herbs. What was your favorite thing you eight when you were there?.

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