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Holidays your doing. What is this. What is this choice that we did not discuss. Time got to make a bowling bowl. Joyce just go for it and here you are going here. I went for excellence. What what did you think that accent was. It's like oh russian. German type of thing sure. I thought transylvanian yes. I 's okay. Yeah okay probably actually from the movie. Transylvania it's probably like the animated movie. Yeah it's probably like the vampire dab roy's yeah absolutely absolutely. How does your doing so. Welcome back to. Let's get typical. I'm lizzy stewart and i am arden. Wallin jesse arden voluntary. All my didn't volunteer scared me. I know your name is in german but it is fun to say with like a german accent. Volunteers gave i think there's always right syllables. It does that's a good accent sank. It's my angola longer. It just may unger Obviously very good whenever she steps down. It'll be a travesty to me. My god what will you do. I mean let's hope there's somebody as great as aga and somebody who has a name as angler angola another cab. There is no longer. There's only one on. Just hope she likes stays in public life. Yeah me and and the fed the germans which I'm trying to find a segue from ongoing miracle to the pentagon. And i can't find i you know. Sometimes there just isn't a way to get there sometimes. There's no bridge from what we start talking about. Which is if you can believe it. Never planned We never talk about what we're gonna talk about at the top of each episode and sometimes the The segue is there and we can just hop on it and sometimes you are in germany trying to get back to a military building And it's leg nar okay. Here's a connection. I'll we care. Is the connection. So unlimited is the chancellor of germany and the pentagon was built during world war two or heart of world war two. I don't know if you guys knew this. Hush hush germany fig part of world war two two. Yeah really in the weeds of that war yeah very obscure obscure part of it Man what a shame that the pentagon wasn't like ready for war to you like it was built during that time so it wasn't active really needed. It we did. I mean by the time it was built it was the war was basically not what wasn't done but it was. It was completed goes on the decline. Yes within was enact three. Yes three act structure now but i i appreciate your effort at trying to segue into this episode about the pentagon. You're so welcome. I think it's as good as we're gonna get so surprise. Were doing an episode today on the pentagon the building her self. I know very little about the pentagon other than the fact that it's a military building yup and it's shaped i would say interestingly On i don't know too much about her history. Who like what like her out like the function as like who works within her Specifically other than like you know getting more specific than just like the military. So i'm excited to learn more but before we all learn together. Do you want to talk about today's search. Says yes. today's sources not unlike the sources that we had for our last episode that you did in his history dot com and the department of defense. Yes simple easy beautiful covergirl. that's covergirl. there's nowhere else to go but the department of defense and history talk off the little if you can't find it doesn't exist if you can't find out there there's no there's no hope friel exactly right so let's jump in to the first question of the day which is who is who is the pentagon what's your of you who don't know or who may be abroad and have never heard of the pentagon guess like you wouldn't necessarily here of the pentagon if you didn't live in the united states so i think that's also what's interesting about it is that it's kind of like nine like a thing you would assume that people in other countries know about right so anyways. The pentagon is the virginia headquarters of the us department of defense located in a massive five cited concrete and steel building. That is a potent symbol of america's military strength with more than six million square feet of floor space. The pentagon ranks among the largest office buildings in the world. She's big. I didn't i didn't know she was like that. Big big but i didn't know it was like well also it must the footprint has got to be huge because there aren't like skyscrapers that are office buildings but there this is only like i think. Four or five stories like it's really short right exactly like like why wide geez wider than she is exactly exactly right nowadays. The pentagon houses the office of the secretary of defense the joint chiefs of staff and the highest. Ooh echelon yes girl. Yes i knew. I knew it but i just had to think about it. Uh-huh the highest echelons of the army navy marine corps air force so all the generals all the generals. You're all the whatever. The highest ranking admirals is probably more is admiral higher than a general. Not we didn't have is on this. I can't remember i know. Well i think it's also different per branch yet but like the ones with like all the strikes and all stars and all the metals and very very serious frown lines. Those guys are gals. Are the people working at the pentagon yes like. You don't just you. You have to like be somebody to having office at the pentagon. Oh no no no. No it. Interns do not get their own office. You must medals mariner dangling things to have an all these airy intimidated to go to the pentagon i think i. Oh yeah i. I don't really really should know even just driving by like oh my god i wonder how close you can get to it. Do they do tours of the pentagon.

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