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You will stop hearing about this shortly. But every single response counts. We've had great response so far. Thank you so much. We'd love to hear from you. And thank you. All right fletcher sharp. How are you man. I am very tired. I had a very eventful weekend and my body is reminding me that i am not twenty two years old anymore so i'm trying to work through that myself. I understand. the events are very positive because sir you are part of a championship team. Yeah so a few people actually did listen to that episode and go to hamtramck to throw balloons emmy which i don't know if it's great because he listened or bad 'cause they hit me in the face with balloons. You might not want to hear this. But i'm just going to declare it great on both counts because that's just awesome fair enough but I was a part of the hammock yacht. Canoe raises iran for whiskey in the jar and we won. We beat to weigh in the final. We beat smalls on the semi and we beat someone else. I forgot who and the browns. Before but yeah. It was a very fun experience. I was nervous because essentially you're pushing this kind of canoe like boat. Kinda looks like a piece of pizza that has wheels on the back wheel in the front. Almost like a wheelbarrow in the way. You're pushing it down Joseph campo turning around coming back down the street and in your other partners jump in. And i was worried so i was like to be slippery. I don't wanna fall become a meam. Like this is gonna be bad. But i was invited by my friend. Katie who works in a jar. And i was co-signed by former soccer team mate named sarah and i know sarah because she's very very athletic but she's like five three five four kind of compact strong lady but still compact. I can push down the street. And then she mentioned of teammate. Lauren and mike lauren who ends up being my neighbor. I'm like i can push down the street to then i met scott..

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