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I'm Kevin Rafe use what we told you the MLB is pushing off opening day the start of the twenty twenty season and now we're hearing from some players left handed pitcher Jimmy Robbins in the Toronto Blue Jays organization is frustrated but understands the decision you know minus reaction was a little bit of frustration I know myself I feel like I'm in the best shape physically to know that that can push back in my schedule and routine is going to get a little bit chains I know it's frustrating to me on a lot of the guys feel the same opening day is being delayed by two weeks however that is a temporary measure there is a fear of I guess the idea of no baseball on that concerns a lot of us but all we can do at this point is there we can personally help stop the spread of the virus and you know hope that here in a couple weeks will be back doing what we love some Robbins and his teammates have been getting updates via cell phone and will meet with staff today at noon Casey right news ninety six point five W. DVO coronavirus is moving in the next debate for candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden the dems instead of debating in Phoenix Arizona will actually be in Washington DC the CNN studios there and there will be no live audience was a major decision that impacts a lot of people were coming to Florida to watch golf over the next three days we will continue the players with the central personnel only and we will be in direct conversations with those groups that was the initial news yesterday but now the players is often the PGA tour commissioner says the move was the right thing to do no matter how disappointing it is says for getting a refund you'll get an automatic refund in the next seven to ten days if you bought your tickets through the PGA tour or through Ticketmaster you'll need to reach out to the agency directly if you bought tickets on a third party vendor like stop pop or vivid seats for the US census bureau says is monitoring the threat of corona virus to determine if and how census workers will show the people's doors get them to fill out that survey today's the first day people will start getting notices in the mail about filling out the twenty twenty census online the sentence says the goal is not to have to send any workers to anyone's door but if people ignore the mailing census workers could show up to make sure your counted starting in mid may I spoke with the director Dr Stephen telling him we will adapt to whatever the best medical and health advice is at that time so we can do it very safely we can leave packets we don't have to go into houses the census determines it billions of dollars in funding for things like roads schools and hospitals it also determines congressional and legislative districts in Washington Samantha manning news ninety six five W. D. BO second time in its history the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is called off all services in church gatherings around the world and hope of curbing the spread of the virus in a letter sent to more than sixty million church members Mormon leaders say state conferences leadership conferences and other large gatherings have been temporarily suspended until further notice the only other time Mormon leaders have imposed a worldwide shut down was back in nineteen fifty seven when there was a.

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