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They want it to do their best work in that culture. A lot of it goes back to when i was a college student. And you're playing rock band. Also involved in custody started my own little mini band booking agency Where bands from the san francisco area to come down to the campus and play and and it really taught me a lot about artists relations and talent relations. And it's about giving people the the megan's make them feel you trust them enough to have their lane and do the do the creative work they want to do it. And you'll deal this sort of business part of it. But you're not gonna metal and change vision of what they wanna do creatively. Make them feel like the reason why i wanted to i want you here is because i really respect and i'm a fan of what you do you demonstrate that by actually lists having listened to music actually having watched their their tv shows and show you really do respect what they do artists and that you're here just how facilitate in and and help more people connect to their working and if they really if you can build that trust Then you know you'll have great relationship with them in the and that's why i came npr. I immediately said to everybody that you want. you know. i'm a huge fan of what you guys do. I come from a creative background myself. You know musician writer. And so i get why this work is important to you. And i'm not just the guy in a suit year to disorder huckster. What you're doing. And i think what you can build that. Trust it that you really want them. Then that opens up doors. What was your band named was called lenoir of the blacks. The black the black in french. So what campaign or initiative throughout your amazing career. Are you most proud of. I think the way more than cooking campaign that we did it food network because what we were trying to do. And the insight was that That people who loved food didn't necessarily want to learn to cook on television. They liked to look at booth and being a food environment but they wanna television to television. Wanted television to be entertainment funding competition in the -ality drama And they were saying that you know. We want to learn how to cook. We can go to the internet for that so it really helped us understand that we needed to transform numbers more into reality. Tv channel that used food as the backdrop for the reality To but then the challenge is once we did that was to change consumer perceptions of what derek was because they thought it was just the cooking channel and they were rejecting like yeah. I watched a little bit in the afternoon. England kind of getting ideas on what recipes to make dinner by. Turn it off at six o'clock. I know you guys are just doing that cooking style and then to help them understand that no really is something else and so we. We had done a couple of campaigns that were more subtle about this about food networks really entertaining or networks Really fun and it wasn't working wasn't resonating. And so i remember when the focus gives people said you know i think we saw them a collection of the my program. Listen and somebody said wow. It's really way more than cooking and the idea was. Maybe that should be the tagline in the creative well. That's that's that's not creative. Nick if you really want to make a change maybe just need to be direct. And just say. And i think the original tagline with it's damn way gortat cookie and i think the scripts families lumber considering at the ethic took the down off but but but campaign working within two years. I mean we had data showed about seventy percent of the audience stuff through the only cooking Before launched the campaign and after a couple of years in dropped out thirty percents. Wow so that was grotto. Michael who would you like to hear on the cmo podcast. Who would be helpful and interesting for you. it's interesting. I think you know. We hear that traditional traditional but a lot of the you know the people from the brands that even the branch you've all you've heard of or the or the executives that seem to get all the puppet and ad week I think be interesting to hear some of the less traditional voices People maybe come from less traditional paths That's what i tend to. You know to look for just people that want me. See things in a different way and Eat me some insights. That i had that i don't have michael. Thank you for being with us today. It was inspiring joyful for me. You're you're one of my favorite brands in the world. And certainly my favorite media. Brandon was so so great to hear what you're doing with npr. I'm rooting for you. And and i always have ideas for you so reach out anytime. Well thanks for having me yet. I'm a huge fan of your career work in the show and it's just a you know an honor to be part of a pantheon of people who've been on on On the show. I like your suggestion about bringing even more traditional people on. We're going to work harder at that. Great appreciate it. Thank you on how he built with. I'd a comparison thank you. That was my conversation with michael smith three takeaways for your business brand life. I one when you start a new job or a new assignment. Go back to the beginning. Talk to people who were there when the brand started if that's possible if it's not possible read everything you can and talk to as many people as you can. Who were part of that brand history. Mica calls it getting into the anthropology of the brand. He did that beautifully at npr second takeaway. This was a lesson in how to expand your brand into new audiences more diverse audiences without losing your base listeners or customers it's not easy to do to grow a brand and not leave behind the people who have been with you for many years. Npr is doing a great job. That third lesson how to work with top creative talent. We all want creative people. In organizations michael talk about how to create the environment that culture how to build trust and had a let them fulfil their vision. Will you help them achieve that and reach new audiences. That's it for this episode of the cmo podcast. If you found this helpful and entertaining. I would be so grateful. If you could share our show with your friends and i would be super happy if you subscribe. So you can be updated as we published new episodes. And if you really want to help leave us a five star rating and a positive review when apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen. The podcast is a gallery media group original production. 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