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Welcome into espn. Fcc steve nicol sebastian salazar in studio stevie. I hate to do this to you again. This season but later in the show we will be talking about liverpool's ongoing injury crisis shock. We'll be by discuss that. Archie and top will join us as well huge weekend. Coming up in the bundesliga byron's lead top the table starting to dwindle. But let's start the show by welcoming in craig burley and mark ogden. Gentlemen good to be with you on this friday. Friday that gives us the europa league. Draw for the round of sixteen. Here's your match. Ups of note. Arsenal olympiakos spurs john against zagreb rangers. Get slavia prague to of course eliminated leicester city and beyond debate. Even on this show. I think the most enticing matchup manchester united against ac milan slot on return to old trafford covered a travel permitting. Here's your to win. The europa league manchester united installed his early favorites. Actually co-favorites with spurs english teams. One two three even arsenal getting a better odds to in the euro league van c milan. Let's focus in on those three english clubs specifically their managers. Craig i'll start with you. Which is three need to win the europa league. Most i suppose seventy one hundred in milan because the book is going through. That could be the only reason i passed. Thank josiah marines. When there's the most. Because i think he's the mine under most pressure. His league possession at moment stinks the team's performances have been pretty rotten in terms of on the eye on the country mile off the top four. At one point the talk was others team in the title race and so he needs to deliver something otherwise. He's under severe pressure. I mean you could say well attack. The does he's got cut behind them transition to ask no. I think he's pretty safe there and they talk for. There's no doubt about so. I actually think marinas the mon- needs it. The most stevie you agree they still got a shot at hardware in the league cup final. They got a shot at top six. Maybe an outside shot at top four spurs really. Need this most absolutely think so. Yeah arsenal. yeah we think point lead over you. He's he's got an f. e. cop behind them less than two months ago so he's fine creek said during transition marino. Another honda is is is not in my opinion going to be in the top four. That's why he was brought and it wasn't brought in to do anything else so it's important that he does produced. So we're because that will deflect away from what has jaw was and the premier league and unfortunately for him yes. He's a the problem is they'll position gsa city who nobody wants to face. So i'm one hundred percent we create. This is absolutely marino. And tom mark from the manchester united perspective. Just how important is this to jar. His record and cup. Tournaments is well documented over four in finals. Big without first trophy be. I think it needs to win one soon. Because it's now four years when united trophy on a long time and they always have the opportunity in the kaaba cup of one. One that need is more than tottenham because five years at the champions league. The asked really really the champions football. I it's sick of being semi-finalists are knocking on the door. They're not gonna win the primarily this season to trophies. This is man united. We're talking about. We're talking about the process itself alongside by munich real madrid barcelona as one of the biggest club in the world. The biggest clubs in the world win trophies and is now four years since one. United one one-stroke trophy with the minor the minor cops. Let's be honest. The league company europa league in two thousand seventeen. They haven't won a big trophy since whilst explosion retired. Let's be honest. The two thousand thirteen primarily because even fa co-ops and the von hall didn't really count towards the biggest trophy so united. Need over the start winning again. And i think social really needs it but if he doesn't win a trophy this season i don't think it'll be the end of their old firm. I think you'll still be there. But i do think the to kick on become this team is going to challenge for the majors. They have to win something. So craig no no i just think off the bucket marks point that yet yeah financially obstacle. But we're talking about modules marina for the reasons that steve and i say and and say well and it's a big f because it's not you know some good teams in there. They say it was a year in the league and we lost hurricane and we will see all these excuses. You'll save won the europa league a nuts champions league football because that's the carrot dangled for when the euro league note from a united perspective. As augie said you know when you're polite for them and their historical standpoint is neither here in the last good marino himself. He delivered second-place mandated. Emily he delivered the gop league undesirable cup. So they've done recently. They really need to be the primarily title at least go neck and neck all the way until publiz reasons you take a trophy as a manager and you would take if you united but really the dining a much. Bigger table than the europa league is for tottenham egypt needs desperately because they need to jump ease league on the ain't stevie said with the league possession manchester united then the.

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