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I was scared of it. I like oh. My god go there and everyone's going to be so much better than me and it's going to be so scary and then i get there and everyone's like oh my god you're so young and then controller that seem to culture basketball game. Zebras fifteen minutes in the barclay center jumped on a train. Happy to the conference coach game. I thought it'd be a bad thing. But i mean i didn't know any better because when i came back all cared about was how did the game go. Did you guys win. What happened right. And and there's definitely this community there and everyone kind of wants help each other out at the same time. I feel like you need to have something to offer both ways. It has to be a way to provide value. One of the best pieces gobs. From what am i guess. Kevin talked with sports agent. And he's very big on its whole networking idea. He has his own podcast where he kind of gives these sports business types obey sports business sports business daily or that's the publication. It's sports business secrets but he does a great job of always about how. How can you provide value now to be completely honest with you. My thousands of listens to where when tommy sheppard came on as gm or the wizards. Did he get damaged publicity. probably not. it's not that i provided that way. But i think what's bigger is the effort to because tommy sheppard gets emails from everyone. He gets people asking for jobs all day long. I people my sports business club asked me. Hey can you. Can you send me an email asking for a job for me. And i was like. He's never gonna respond to. That's just not how it works. If i tom shepherd said hey tommy i'm john. I'm nineteen whatever. I'm super passionate basketball. Can i get a job. There's no he'd ever respond to me a million years because he gets up gets pub keywords when someone says can i get it probably immediately goes to the spam folder. You probably have set up somewhere. Because that's all he gets asked. Because i kind of offered him something. Even though it wasn't in the grand scheme of things my show doesn't get thousands of listens. It was still an attempt at saying. Hey tommy how can i provide value. Here's a platform i created. I'm trying my best to do something that helps both of us. That's what made them respond. And that's the same thing with all my i mean there's so many fast them for job for advice. They might be willing to respond. They also might not so it really goes both ways and and that's something i think that it it's another thing like i said with the link for it allows people that really are. We'll go that step above to really stand up. So what's what's your big goal. Let is it that you want to achieve in in the basketball world. If you don't know right now that's totally fine. I'm really curious about. If you haven't your way. How would things and out for you so my immediate answer to this is always. I want to be an mba gm. And i mean. It's really not something that i'm a hundred percent confident. Being so young. I can change my career ten times in the next five years and be and be a hundred percent..

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