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The espn app so you mentioned earlier that nfl players are sitting back and watching these nba contracts role and thinking to themselves hold up how are these guys getting these massive deals all of which are guaranteed by the way while we're playing this incredibly dangerous context sport that at any moment we can be cut and stripped of the money that at one point we were essentially promised and todd gurley of the rams suggested on thursday that a bunch of the players in the nfl are looking out at these deals and saying we're just mad i want eighty million those guys are getting a hundred and fifty million and we've seen a couple of different players fits on social media's recep up and either give release smart and involved accounts of why there should be more guaranteed or fully guaranteed money in the nfl or simply just saying that they think that they're cba was not negotiated to the benefit of their players and that they could be and should be making money closer to what we see in the nba and that they should fight for it what do you think well damien woody and i had this argument on i take recently in this discussion i should say we didn't really have an argument on it and he constantly points out look there's four hundred and fifty players in the nba they're seventeen hundred players in the nfl the roster sizes are larger guaranteed contracts or one of those things we have an eye on and the girls are the world are right but do we really believe we're going to reach a world where suddenly the the backup left guard is going to get a guaranteed contract for three years i mean that's that's asking a lot from the players and frankly while todd gurley and big name players that would be guaranteed contract eligible type players continue to yell about it i don't see the reality of them planning for it because it will take a lockout it'll take a strike that lasts probably a year to get that and that's what players have told me that it's going to take that kind of a strike to do it in order to do that they need a slush fund right now and some of them i've talked to have talked about this they would only be putting in to a kitty where everybody can continue to get a salary week in week out for a year because you're going to ask everybody to take no money and believe it or not there are a lot of nfl guys that can't afford to make zero dollars for twelve months so they're not ready for this millionaire's taken on billionaires you're walking into the to the poker table you're walking up to the table and your stacks never gonna compete that's a reality for nfl players i know that they want this i know they can talk about it but the fact is todd gurley man i think you picked the wrong sport if you want that kind of money on guaranteed contracts you're going to have to be in the nba yeah i don't think it's as simple as saying throwing up our hands and saying that's not how it works though and i can't remember where was hosting with but but they seem to believe that that was the case that this was never going to change and i think that there's a real opportunity for nfl players to make that change we've mentioned before how it's really hard in the nfl to force the nfl's hand on anything major because it usually requires the players union and the players themselves to hold out and in the nfl where careers are so short that's really difficult and so i understand why some especially middle and lower level players are not willing to give up their tiny window to do that but there are bigger names and there are names that have longer contracts and longer lifespans namely quarterbacks who could take the lead on this and maybe they won't but maybe there is one player or several players who decide.

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