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Playoffs. Also in the same way. He's at the top of the table. I think this is not the Liverpool hope to stretch their unbeaten run in European football to twenty matches tonight. They take on German cycle halt is blind Munich at Anfield in the first leg of their last sixteen Champions League tie. There's a dob in the Scottish Cup. Tonight's Inverness host Ross county and a fifth round replay. And former crooked Marcus Trescothick hopes. The departure Paul Farbrace. Why disrupt the World Cup plans? The national sales assistant coach will step down off the West Indies toward the end of March to take up a role with shit. Thank you so much for that. Let's get back to a conversation around the key themes that goal markets owning us now. Steve Jacobson, he is of course, one of the best known people from Saxo Bank CEO, he joins us from this is one of the best known people full stop. Absolutely steed. It's great to have you back on the show. I want to kick off with a dollar here. That's rising as we await the speeches from fed officials admits minutes from the January review this week. We're looking ahead, of course, to the trade conversation swell with all of that in mind. I look to your note, and you talk about recession watch is this something where we're going to get more meat on from from the fed over the coming few days. People are underestimating the impact of a strong dollar. And as we as we talk today. Of course, we in euro terms. To some extent cable terms as well. We sit on a very very big support level if you break that level, there's potential for the euro to go all the way down to one or free one of four and daddy in itself. Of course, the strengthening of dollar would be another tightening of the monetary policy, which I think the mortgage, pardon me, is is totally unprepared for and of course, the the fall off that will be something like emerging market and the dollar debt that sits outside the US. So I actually think right now the biggest short-term risks to the market will be a dollar that performs well, which is kind of not being talked that much about I just want to pick you up on your prediction value forecast your outlook for for euro dollar. You say that we could see go down to one. Oh four. What do you see as the driver then behind that? Is it the Federal Reserve what if euro-zone growth salts picking up again would that sort of counteract that action would be so nice. That was only one reason for everything in life, including where the dollar in a year ago, but it's a multitude of things, of course. But but the fact that a matter that be a USA for saying during the break, the intimation that that did is now talking about potential downside, which is to me is not the right remedy here. I mean, we have European interest rate a negative and Europe is going into recession. Anyway, we have to incoming threat, and I think that is one single event if indeed car tariffs will be have a massive impact negative in Europe. We have the IFA numbers out later today that we again show the Germany slowing down. I think at the core of the euro weakness will have to be the fact Germany cannot perform in my opinion, Germany's the most unprepared country for the industry port for four zero. After one of the slows internet in Europe. They have wanted to lease digitization. So unlike what a lot of people will say actually think Germany will drive. The euro. That's a very interesting view Steen. And from what I from my take what you're saying. Is that as much as trade is important? It's not it's not the liberating force in four markets. It's really more of a distraction as well as the US China distraction, certainly because even a deal is not going to be a real deal. All right. Saxo bank. Sistine Yacob said we're gonna continue the conversation here on daybreak here. We are live from London. We are live from Dubai where run about twenty minutes away from the European stock market opened futures. Pretty flat this morning. We'll talk mortis team will look ahead to the.

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