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Now on time traffic news and weather on the patriot traffic is a bit slow because. Of an accident on the Southfield freeway northbound at eight mile you're left lane. Is blocked there also I ninety four eastbound and, telegraph road you'll find an accident blocking the right shoulder Also if you're travelling in lavonia. Today, you're going to find Merriman road at west, Chicago closed due to a traffic accident and investigation, to avoid the area maybe try farming center Middlebelt as an alternate taking a look at your forecast we're going to see some rain showers maybe even a thunderstorm this afternoon otherwise partly. Sunny with a high of seventy nine a chance of showers and then cloudy skies tonight a low of sixty six and a. Chance of showers and thunderstorms again tomorrow mostly cloudy with. A, high near seventy eight degrees right now. It is partly sunny and sixty five degrees From the townhall dot com newsroom, a water main that was installed. One hundred thirty six years ago in, Detroit's midtown neighborhood is being blamed. For, flooding in several neighborhoods the water main broke, in half on Saturday and flooded streets in and around the west canfield historic district the Detroit water and sewage department says repairs are being made but exactly what caused the thirty inch line to break other than age isn't yet known A man wanted for firing shots into a home on. The, west side of Detroit is the subject of manhunt Detroit police say the bullets. Went into a home around three thirty Saturday morning at. Clermont near joy where ninety year old woman lives he wasn't hurt local and state police spent sixteen hours on the scene trying to identify the suspect on Saturday and, neighbors believe it may be the same person who was fired shots in the area previously We update traffic and weather four times an hour I'm Heather Pasco on the patriot The Republican primary for congress there's only one tough proven. Conservative Lena Epstein Lena Epstein is running for congress, to fight for Michigan and America Epstein was President. Trump's. Campaign, co chair in Michigan, so she knows what it means to make America great, again Lena is political outsider and she'll stand with President Trump to. Secure the border stop illegal immigration defunding. Sanctuary cities and uphold the rule of law our border is. A national security disaster President Trump is right to deploy the national guard in congress. I'll San, with President, Trump to, build the wall deport the criminals and put, America first tough proven conservative political outsider Lena, Epstein, will secure the border. Cut taxes strengthen our military and put America first conservative businesswoman. Lena Epstein for congress I'm Lena obscene and I. Approve this message four by Lena For congress Dennis Prager. Here. On, the Knicks Dennis Prager, show Greg Jarrett of Fox News will be on a, talk about his new book the Russia hoax the illicit scheme to. Clear Hillary Clinton and frame Donald Trump. The president makes a terrific new trade deal with the EU. Unemployment is at record low no wonder the Democrats want to talk about the president's..

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