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Been and company. They lose to Nevada to Florida tougher to that elusive Atta they lose to absolve time seventy to sixty one the other games being played right now. Other than those two out of control Kentucky did beat Abilene crush Christian seventy nine forty four and Abilene Christian star trying to hurt players low vision them and all that man, my cousins while still down Gonzaga up minute Forty-six Fairleigh Dickinson who won a plan game eighty seven forty seven for Gonzaga in that one and again Villanova Saint Mary's the only game now that his live fifty three forty nine three fifty five left. And so they're trying to hang in that one. So there you go six thirty specialist coming up at the bottom of the hour. I haven't mentioned any giants today. One thing that I found to be interesting. Was it Bruce Bochy said the team is leaning towards bringing Joey Barton. They're big prospect north for the exhibitions. For the bay bridge series between the as in the and the giants. He says, quote, I think it would be a good experience to be here in playing the park. He'll play in one day, and your Bagley speculating makes you think that he could be here sometime this year, which will be interesting because if they're struggling which they look like they're going to be struck easy. Kill him already. We're going to be it looks like I'm I'm giving him a little sliver looks like they're gonna be struggling that. If they bring him up sometime this year. Where does the BUSTER play a lot of people speculate? I face where's Brandon belt play could be traded. Can we left field if they don't have any offense out there because they're gonna play some guys out there in the outfield or somebody could have a hamstring or that you were that right? They took that dude. Now, he came out of college everything, but he took him second overall in June. We're talking about he could potentially be up here. Some point during the season slow fast. I think dude. It's a little thirsty. I think aggressive, right? They need that. Bart endorsement make some money. Maybe you should put a question on Twitter. Whether the giants should go get tyreek setup. Seriously, absolutely attacked for that you stupid. Yeah. That's not the point. Tyreek hill can't play. Look. I'm not a child abuser. Simply saying it's a question. There was one guy on there was a oh, so sports radio so sports radio. Man. I'm just saying. Hell. Yeah. They they need to leadoff hitter. Play. He he could beat the hell of Doug and play. If if Stephen douger is your your your safest outfielder at this point like, oh, yeah, we run that guy. You kidding? I don't know if that guy can play he can he can run them down in San Jose. Listening to you because twelve and fourteen nobody picked him this. This is. So you saying this is not worth. Now, look if someone's out there and they're overly optimistic. They do have belt they do have panic. They do have Crawford have Posey. They do a Bumgarner. Other net about it. Yeah. I didn't hear anything that impressed me. And there couple years older. I'm just saying look, they don't have an ace. Yeah. It's. Look Bumgarner goodness spring. If I if I'm far on I'm having to make a couple of starts, and then I start the bidding. He looks good. He looks really good. Like eighteen wins. Good. I don't wanna be hurt. I want to do the Anthony Davis thing know pitch five. We got you out mad. He would get all. Yeah. He's not leaving them out. Anthony Davis boats. Come try to get him after five all. Good luck. Ultra do it to both likely. I'm on my way out his mouth, buddy. Let me get that ball. Hey, dude. Whatever the numbers say. That's what's going to happen. Let me get that ball playboy tell you that. And that'll be an interesting thing too far out to get a print out. The report is what we're doing. Five. Good luck with that. It's a smart move. I think so he's gonna stomp upstairs. In the front offices. We need to talk borrowed Madison. Bumgarner. Now, good. I'm going to be that it's early le-. Let them have their hope. I know. I'd look, absolutely. The one thing I do know about this market. It's I think it's fairly. Well, I think fans I'm not saying that like fans are fans, but I generally think that fandom here has realistic expectation, no questions as I mean fans here knows comparison to other places. No question people. No, no quick. Right. Like, okay. You can feed me whatever you want about the giants. But I know you can you know, I know people in and you find specially dealing with other fan bases. They just not realistic about thirteen or what? Here. They're like, look, I'm sitting I'm tired of this run into back. Let's let's start this over and if they don't live up to them. Yeah. They'll just. It's not like the east coast. No, no, no question. The other thing about it is in the midwest or the east everything they'll call up shows bitch and moan get all mad. They get angry right here. They don't do that. They just become apathetic. Like, I'll eat not me the fans here. Let's say you have season tickets. You have tickets to a certain game. They have no problem meeting three or four or five hundred bucks. Like, I ain't going. What am I going to compound the problem and go see crummy game to sell it people here? Don't do that. Yeah. There's a lot to do here though lot. You know like when the Niners stunk. Believe me to cover all those games. And there was a lot you're down there. A lot a lot empty seats. People. Just they're not gonna do it. I'm not going to compound the problem. Jeez. I just spent the money I'm gonna go not enjoy myself beautiful day in the bay area. Watch the Niners do that. I already spent the money I'll try to sell them. If you can't sell them. I'm not going, plus I'm so ball, and I could just eat it. Anyway. This will spend the same amount of steak. I know right. Anyway. All right. Six hundred special. You said you brought some six or special always bring six thirty. So I love favorite part. I'm ready. All right, six thirty specials. It's ready for the warriors and the Pacers. All that stuff coming up next. Look, we're Sixers vessels coming up next here on the sports leader Tolbert..

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