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Really is meaningful analyzing computers and what's going on with them and figuring it out and figuring out what to do so even though when when i say ai mc soft ai ops i'm not talking artificial intelligence i'm talking algorithm ick it ops really there is a either is machine learning involved in cutting down the number of alerts and tickets by ninety nine percent and by the way it works with all your existing it tools of course it has to write it's patented technology correlates the events into what they call situations basically actionable work items so you can focus on tackling the stuff that matters to you i have a case study hcl technologies you may know them from their award winning dry ice platform their global it managed service provider the dryest platform has as its event management layer mook soft ai ops and an hcl says that's helped clients streamline operational workflows reduce time in the detector correct life cycle of incident tickets in fact a thirty three percent reduction in meantime to restore one third less time that makes you a lot more effective so you could support more customers with service quality and keep up racial costs low and officiency hi you're gonna love it and i want you to try it get your boss to do it if it's not you or if you're the decision maker go to mook soft talk com get a demo m o o g s o f t mook soft dot com for mook soft ai ops reduce your it alerts and tickets by ten ninety nine percent right now mook soft am og so f t dot com we thank him so much for their support of windows weekly oh now we're talking is that what that is that for the royal wedding mary jo is that it is beautiful did you wear it is very fascinating for the record label i asked my daughter if we still have gigantic mexican hat thing this narrow whatever.

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