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Door styles and find a CLO pe dealer near you by visiting CLO PE Door K Way. NEWS RADIO time, 11 30. The CDC is offering new guidance for people who've recovered from covert 19. It says people are likely protected for up to three months after having the virus but that it's still possible to get reinfected. And that having at once does not mean one is immune. Federal health officials recommend getting retested if symptoms show up again, especially after that three month period wildfires across the state putting a damper on summer. Sometimes when you get up in the morning, the smoke is pretty epic. And so that makes it not as much fun either. Louis works at the hot Springs pool in Glenwood Springs and knows people in some nearby towns have been evacuated because it when it jumped across the river. So if there's still a lot of concern, because you just don't know what's gonna happen, the Grizzly Creek fire burning in Glenwood Canyon and closing I 70 east of town now at 26,000 acres, the state's largest the Pine Gulch in Mesa County, now at more than 81,000 acres. David Ko Ko, a news radio 8:50 a.m. and 90 for one. FM. Well, a very good looking drive around the metro area on the highways of 25 I 70. All the highways, with one exception are flowing smoothly. We do have closure, actually South bound on the 4 70 at Smith Road for some construction. No, but slow and go north and South bound on Barker Road around Orchard Road evidence about it. We had a crash has been cleared south down I 25 near Toma Road. We still have some delays in the area. There is traffic, it.

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