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Visit Chicago men's health dot com for more details college football maiden big ten aficionado, creator, founder CEO CFO that king of the big ten network. Dave reps in the Reverend talks big ten in college football with Waddle and Silvy cook on ESPN one thousand. Okay. Football weekend. We have now the NFL level. But there are so many good games naturally in the big ten is no exception is who would think that Michigan in Penn State, which sort of for us at least take a back seat to Notre Dame? Northwestern now, obviously in the big ten the implications of Penn State in Michigan are bigger. Yes. Is Michigan is number five in the country. But Notre Dame is coming to Evanston waddles going in any in the wilds going big game. Big game. Do they sell beer at the stadium? Lasko he joins us right now. That's the most pressing question we've ever asked. You does. What does the Ryan field survey serve beer day? I am ninety nine point nine percent. Sure. They do not now sadness came in very many. The first box for many because I'm the studio. So I can't say for sure, but I I would say probably. In the parking lot before the game how aggressively will they will they frisk me for a flask any idea. I can't be held responsible. Okay. I really can't. And I'm like, yeah. I know I'm willing to go on record. I mean at the Ohio State game that was the nationally televised game. Remember those little glass, the alcohol bottles of Catalan used to have I brought them to your house to. Yeah. I know he brings his own little shooter bottles of booze. When he comes to my house. I don't know. You know, I'm going to get some help. I put about four or five in my front pockets wasn't. And then would buy lemonade then would mix it with lemonade older you frisk going into waddles house here. What I going? Right field. Okay. I gotcha. We frisk. Everyone comes in the house. Listen, I don't know if I've ever extended the Super Bowl invite, but considered sent to you right now, just make sure that you are ready to be frisked when you walk in. All right. Okay. Cool. How big of you went to north western in your unbiased, of course. Because of what you do. But is I if I go back to Dave Rapson twenty year old how big is this game at Ryan field. Well, I just think this game is really fascinating because the last month for western. I think he's totally changed the complexion of this game. I would make the argument that for north western to reach the goals that are still reachable for them this year. This is the single most important game left on north western schedule. And I say that because the biggest thing that they could do the things that they could do that. They have done it all the package Gerald era whippy to make the big ten championship game. They are the front runner to through that right now they have their best record in the big ten through six games since two thousand video game and a half in the big ten west. And you'll beating Notre Dame Dame in two twenty fourteen. I mean. What does that do? A nice memory. I'm sure for LeicesteR fans. But the biggest thing with western right now to me. Used to make the big ten championship game. So I'd argue they were forfeiture game next week against Iowa in five games against Minnesota and Illinois. That's not to say that if they win this game. Shot put. The program. It's a national stage a spotlight game. But in terms of meeting the goals that are left. They can't win the national championship. So in terms of of the goals that are left wish important game on this guy. And this is where Sylvie Lewis. He didn't say like greenie. I know what he's saying from a big ten standpoint. But greenie said this is glorified exhibition game. And Dave the the the argument that I had with him was if you win and you are able to storm the field in your own building. Because I think you beat him before where it's soldier and in south bend. I don't think you've ever beaten him here. Have you? Northwestern. Northwestern has beaten Notre Dame in Evanston. But it's it's been a long time. I think the last time nineteen sixty two. The coach. Yeah. The the great the great trivia question, by the way, airports beaching never lost the northwestern. Notre Dame game. He worked four in a row northwestern Benguet today, and I think one eleven Barry. Pretty crazy. That will be end. Notre Dame's national championship hopes and you have purple on the field after that game. You are you that is a recruiting win for Pat FitzGerald, no doubt. And again, as I said, it's a huge shot in the arm. If you win it. But when you walk into restaurants facility to have a space for the west division trophy space for the big ten championship in a space for the bowl trophy. They don't have a space for beating Notre Dame. So I'm just saying like again in terms of what are your preseason goals this game is that big? But it just be gravy. It'd be a great great moment for north western were they win the game. No doubt. All right. So there's you and you lean more towards greenie. I want to hear your level of surprise at what Michael wilbon told us back on Wednesday. This is his take on if they could beat Notre Dame. Seriously. I would I would give a year off of my life right now. Oh year a full year off of my life to beat Notre Dame Saturday here..

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