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Brings three weeks off extra risk of death to your standard years risk this year. So that's an average but the Opa shot of it is Yeah, there is life lost. We saw about it The really virus. It's nasty. But once the epidemic passes in the region, you're just going to get an endemic winter resurgence in most regions, And after that, it's over. I have seen no unfortunate by that time, The vaccine comes to a large extent. The impact has passed, and it's an endemic virus. Now this vaccine looks so much like a totem to me. A good luck charm as it were. I mean, I don't know what else to call it. I know that the flu vaccine is generally they about 18 months out. They begin trying to determine which flew is going to be the flu that they is going to be so bad Come next year, and I understand you're not supposed to say flu and Cove it in the same sentence because otherwise you love orange Hitler. But, you know, I mean, let's let's let's not get crazy here for a second. The flu vaccine, generally not always but generally is just of no use. You can get it and it's not as a prophylactic. It's not a particular problem, but a lot of people have reactions to it. So if you're going to have to be sick for four days from taking a flu vaccine for a bug that you're not going to get what was the point of that? You know, people think they get the flu from the flu vaccine. They don't get the flu from the flu vaccine. They're having an allergic reaction to a back for those who want to find the rest of this good archives. Free talk live dot com. Look for Tired of missing trade started missing.

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