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You are listening to the conservative circus. I am your ringmaster James t Harris, we have some some protesters some action groups, some activist Potter and action and Puente Arizona. They've been constantly protesting. Police officers here at a valley, and they're added again. But this time there's a new twist on it. That's kind of crazy and to help break it down for us. We have in the center ring of the conservative circus, the chief of staff for city councilman, Sal, desisto, Sam stone Sam what in the world. Are these action groups up to now James you will not believe it. They are down here today protesting us purchasing sidearms for our officers. Wait a minute. They're protesting. Wait a minute. They're put the city purchasing guns for the police. Yes. That is yours baffled by this as I am. I can tell because this makes no sense in any world that I've ever been aware of I you know, we need like a thousand more cops right now. Right. I think we're gonna need a lot more. If we take away their weapons 'cause they're either all going to get killed or they're all gonna resign. Take your pack of insanity. This is okay. They have a history of are protesting police actions. What are some other things that they protests when it comes to the police in the valley, they so far in the last year or so have protested every single time the police have any item on the city, council's agenda. They've come down here and protested the fact that we have at schools request put school resource officers in a number of schools around the around the area. They came protested that you had one girl who was quoted in the newspaper on that thing. Well, I grew up I really liked our school resource officers. But then twenty told me how bad they were. So now, I'm here that, you know, stop them. I it's beyond belief James. It's clearly these are fringe reactions. Do these people have any real influence at all over the? City council members. Well, you know, I I mean, I'm a little worried about that. Because right now, they really don't write. But we're gonna have a really different city council and a couple of months here. We've got two candidates out right now running for mayor. You're gonna replace a. Theoretically, sell the Williams a registered Republican. But really, she's you know, kind of in the middle somewhere you so you've got gotta really moderate mayor right now this is going to be replaced by someone who is pretty progressive. You've got both of their seats. Kate guy go, and Danny Valenzuela that they left both of those are coming up they're likely to be replaced by strong progressives. Now at that point those folks are listening to these people, and that's what scares me. And that's what should scare every law-abiding citizen in our state. Even one of the the strong progressive, you know, people that we have come to city hall one of our frequent flyers who comes and speaks pretty much every week. Even he got up at the end of of all their, you know, their machinations, and they're screaming and chanting and snapping in concert and all this stuff. He got up and basically just called them out and said, this is ridiculous. You still have to have law and order. I these folks don't want law and order right now. Yeah, we've had a bunch of police shootings here this year more than we've ever had. But James, I'm gonna tell you. I sit here in our. Office. I bring the police and after every single one sit down and go through what happened start to finish. And I will tell you right now, we have not had a bad shoot. If we do our office will be the first to call him out and say, you know, what we need to really look at this. And we need to see if an officer steps out of line if they do something that is illegal and inappropriate will call them to the carpet. But right now, all these guys are men and women out there doing is their jobs. They're jobs, James. We have Sam stone in the center ring of the circus. He is the chief of staff for city councilman Sal desist GIO. I've seen this before of Sam I've seen this. You know, from my home state in Wisconsin where the agitators will show up. There was show up. Religiously. And then once there was a shift in the in the body politic. They caught on and it ended up being that stuff. You saw nationally in two thousand ten when you had. The governor trying to implement act ten and the great unwashed in Wisconsin and across the nation descended on the capital to create chaos as I listened to you speak about these individuals. It kind of just gave me a chill because I don't want to see that happen, again do just described or just laid out the fact that you know, we our government is changing and is becoming more progressive. So we could just count on tell me if I'm wrong seeing more of this. You can absolutely count on it. We have got to fight back against this narrative. I don't care if you're a democrat or Republican independent green party, if you believe in law and order and then being able to be safe in your own home and on your own street. Then let's get this this ball. Let's get this bull outta here. Because James you've seen it where this takes root cops starting getting killed crime goes up violence goes up citizens. Get caught. Mm across fire between criminals who have no respect for the law in that cannot happen here in Phoenix. I'll give you another scenario Sam stone. What would happen if you're elected officials begin to cow to the unhinged? Fringe, you're going to see more and more police officers lose faith in begin to question who has their back. This is something very basic. I mean, they're police officers the peacekeepers they need to have weapons if you're going to have this type of of of action going on. And then you go to have politicians that will back it up. I'm telling you another thing you're going to see is officers relocate to different areas where they actually have respect the police. Absolutely. Absolutely. They are you know, just today at this council meeting. We have about a dozen officers in the room at each of these council meetings. Just today those officers had to stand there against the wall blank look on their face. And listen to these folks call. Call them quote, domestic terrorists. Dogs murderers. I mean, it it it went on and on if you're one of those officers how good are you feeling about protecting the citizens of Phoenix while you're driving home tonight again bloodthirsty savages, thirsty savages. Can you believe that? Well, you know what? I'm fortunately coming from the left of Sam stone. I can't believe it. And I'm feeling the same alarm that you are feeling tell me how did the meeting end. Well, you know what? I mean. Here's the good news. You know, we're not we're not taking away our cops guns. The council voted unanimously to get them to get them the glocks that they need and to get them the replacement parts that they need for their side arms. So you know that that worked and hey, I give credit to sell the Williams. I don't always agree with her. She's a little too liberal for my taste, but she's been strong on this. She straight up kick them out of the room about halfway through. They started being disruptive. That's the way it needs to be handled. It needs to be confronted. This kind of thing needs to be confronted head on you cannot run from this type of craziness and it's right here on our doorstep. As a matter of fact, this all up in our politics, and our city business, and in our state business Samson, I thank you very much for for bringing this to the. The public's attention, James, always a pleasure. I wish I had better news to share. You know, we're going to have to fight hard at this. We started it with the red for ad movement. Here is not going away. And you know, what I would say it got beat back a little bit. It did. But we would be naive to see that. We're not serious gains among the socialists in our crowd. Now, we have the radicals. And I'm telling you now know what the great Wisconsin, actually learned its lessons. Wisconsin learnt the lesson because what will Republicans went through and Republican leadership went through back in two thousand ten eleven and twelve it it steeled them steal their spine. Now, you did have the Republican governor who lost reelection in a squeaker, and he lost to an Uber. Liberal Wisconsin sort of having the same problem of that era zone is having I don't believe that our voters are be era. I don't believe that the citizens of the state are getting the truth from the media. But. Wisconsin. They took some extraordinary means to protect the gains under president sorry under governor Scott Walker. I will tell you what they're doing. And you know, what pay attention CONGRESS Republicans out in Washington DC because you should be doing the same thing. We'll get to this at five fifty is time for east side west.

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