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So that's it. So we're we're four four them. I life itself didn't really have it now. And maybe think of death wish for death much like I do watch Trump right, actually. That's kind of a connection we end with Phil asks out. My Rudolph is the whole thing. They're gonna go get dinner right away. I was like do you use this crazy adventure, man? Won't you wait for the weekend? Take a couple of days just unwind. Maybe get a shower in. Nope. We need we need to at least allude to puppet on human sex. Less time. And then yes, the all the fucking outtakes are done. I want candy. Because again, I guess the whole thing is these puppets have sweet tooth, and there's noting the magic sugar shit or whatever. Yeah. Just like take one thing and develop it fully in your screen. So I guess then marijuana would have to be like cocoa leaves? Yeah. Yeah. I guess I don't know, man. It's stupid. But yet just let your pop its do cocaine funnier close to humor, you know, who is doing that crank Yankers crank Yankers puppets were just drinking alcohol and smoking Scarface was kind of a muppet APPA cheetah's performance. It was a little. Fucking muppet, dude. Think Muppets don't go Canaan feebles and Pacino's great and meet. I hear L Pacino's. Great and meet the tables as you got tough guy teaching the kid at account. On the cook. You know, what's horrible? I just realized too. So this is a Jim Henson's dead. He's never coming back. Yeah. That does suck think I'll tell you. What the hell is full the The dead, dead. right. You wanna cry by the way on YouTube? They have big birds singing at Jim Henson's funeral. I remember that from being a kid. Yeah. Look flying fuck out. Do not dry on has also know what's fun horrible is. So this is the most recent thing the most recent feature film that Brian Henson has directed. Do. You know, what his directorial debut was muppet Christmas? Carol. My how fucking far. Yeah. The fall is man own her visas. I Brian yet. No, no, no, I'm busy. Now. I'm very very busy. I don't know. What what what what must noting shook? And you say I will not fuck tiny, Tim. Mouthful of silly string not happening. Brian quick question is back on the set of love Christmas. Go have a Jonah. Bryan, Bryan, Bryan. Does that Rhett have a puppet vagina? He's walking into Brian Hinton's trailers. We'll probably have a question. What into well? Rep Michael you gotta do my cocaine movie. I mean, your name is Michael Cain. Man. I hated this up presuming nobody's recommending this movie. No, I will not. But actually just give me great idea. What I want is for my funeral which is six years is for big bird to sing at it. I just want no context. Just like everybody's like very upset presumably excited. Big bird, emerges. You didn't. Even know. He was gonna be the right one guy clapping and whistling. It's only teased in the program as requiem from special guests. Of I like rancid it's really short though, it's like seventy some odd minutes. So if you're running a bad movie podcast, it's not the worst watch a week. Actually. I mean, especially coming of life itself, which was like two hours. This was kind of revising. It's nice. Well, no, it's horrible. But I think there is the seed of a good idea year. What in the like if you were to play it straight? You can't do the edge lordship if you make it more like a Roger rabbit situation made and not are talking about piss and come all the time. Maybe it works. But I don't think any of it's going to be good. Yeah. It's a no for. I was just stuck on thinking about how much worse Roger rabbit would be if you had to fucking watches scene where Eddie valley is watching something spray all over wall. We're almost there that movie I will say I will take I'll take Roger rabbit down a peg because the Jessica rabbit stuff. It's just like are we jerking off yet? Yeah. There is. And there it's at least somewhere in that realm worth not. So over the top, whatever Jonah. No. I mean, it's like it's a sexy cartoon Tex Avery type thing Li Xia skirts. Yes. Led to believe she is the sexiest cartoon, I mean prove me wrong on the screen. That is the happy time murders directed somehow by Brian Henson. If you want more we hate movies head on over the patriot dot com slash.

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Scarface, Brian Henson, Jim Henson discussed on We Hate Movies

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