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Seem to be wavering like you know the pump scratch outside rahim's ranch i guess they liked the weights and shop ness of my chin rather than your blunt stump who it's a nice chin vardi pity i'm not wearing gloves like handle lit she mouth fatty says this is debbie elliot about what's what's the marriage you hurting about something that has hurt you and you've got bogue is what i said drop okay tell you what we will do we will fill out our patch with water and then mehan vardi will play our chins any water and see which one displays his the most water phil why got you to see which is heavier chin exactly so the telephoto go the bathroom and philip the huts with war the here in fall over vardi all soft leads fall over like a lump of cream dropped in from a plump class jay's lot stop mention claim it's baltra does happen you know eventually phil comes in the huts full of war him and harry body and harry dropped the magic chins in a measure which war is being depressed an under fahd these chin is the heavier all well well to pose off but it does not mean that you're heavier chin is actually more magic don't forget i was the highest christian scholar in the predator league this season rem really sorry what a finger i'm going to switch over the hardy annuals you know every chin on the cream cakes whether it be recipes are very disappointed in you jordan your bush mc turncoat i will leave you with your new friends come on ebay and they leave.

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