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It was fantastic to hear from christine. Wasn't it he pulls no punches. And he leaves us in no doubt about his in the team's motivation even with the change in regulations coming in two thousand and twenty two. He wants to win this year and next year. And why not as. That's the job of a front running formula one team. It's inspiring stuff and the conversation was littered with fascinating insights. The fact that adrian newey is motivated now as ever. He has been the soft landing that the team is going to get with honda next year while they continue to set up red bull powertrains even the prospect of a ripple powered road car for the future and i loved cristina's description of max chapman as a no bullshit racin and go on then come up with some ideas. F red bull win the world championship this year. Walk should i do and for reference. The only thing. I'm not good at a heights krisztian. Many thanks for your time. It was great to chat and good luck for the remainder of the scene. And before we move on please send in any stories or thoughts that you have on christian. We didn't do this after first appeared on the show three years ago. So don't hold back. Did you see him race in formula renault formula. Three or formula three thousand. Have you bumped into him anywhere since. Let me know and remember a read out the best ones next week. So send them to me at tom. Clarkson f one for use the hashtag f one b on the grid which brings me onto what you sent in about. jack lafitte. after last week's show like so many of the sport's golden all these. There's a lot of love for shack out there. He was a brilliant character and a very fast racing driver. Death i've been. I've got in touch with this message. Such an exciting f. One beyond the podcast with jack. He says as a ninety eight. It's wonderful to hear anecdotes from the earlier. Decades of formula one. I love mentioning kimmy. As is contemporary on the curren greet i can easily imagine kimmy rocking. Pj's in the paddock. Had well thanks for getting in touch. Yes chemi the pj's but so could lewis. In fact louis at most races does ludovic had this to say a great chat again. This guy was driving and survived in one of the most interesting errors of former one. He had a ton of fun and remains competitive and fast till the end of his career. What more can you ask for from life. And he still shop at seventy seven yes to all of the above ludovic jack was a great asset the sport then and he remains one today. I'm what about this from graham great interview. Jackie says one of f one's true characters his winning the first two races of nineteen seventy-nine in the beautiful dj jess eleven s teams ran the ground at responses to the lower seventy nine for the first time is a strong memory from my days of being an f. One of sess kate. While wasn't the league eleven one of the most beautiful cars ever seen in formula one. I loved it and it was driven by one of the coolest drivers in sports history as well wasn't it. I'm well end with this from master. Besides being a great driver often overlooked. Jack's montreal eighty-one masterpiece must be more recognized when we debate the greatest performance in wet conditions. Maybe his commitment wasn't enough. Yes but it's more relaxed. Approach was part of the character the f. one well thanks for the moat master and yes. Montreal eighty-one was a brilliant win by jack and from tenth on the grid as well it was great stuff. Well we'll have to leave it there. I'm sorry if i haven't read out your message. Thank you to everyone who sent them in. And i've read them. And i love him. Well that's it for another week. I hope you enjoyed hearing from christian and remember to send in your thoughts and stories on him as ever next week with another great guests from the world of formula one soc- beyond the produced by one in association with audio taping until next time. Keep it.

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