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Struggles with what's going on off the field and everything in Portland is immersed. And I think it's too much for Gio Salvador and those men. And Gio started tinkering last game. It was going to literally play every single game start every single game of the season, and the last game of the season are second last game of the season. Against LAFC decides to sit up and they end up getting beat by LAFC and regulation time. I'm going with Portland out on this one. I just think it's too much. And Minnesota, on the other end. Minnesota haven't won in their last 6. They've only managed to get one point in those last 6, okay? They've only scored two goals in that stretch. It's a stretch that equals the worst stretch in Minnesota franchise history. They've lost the teams like route saw Lake outside the playoff line right now. Sporting Kansas City who dropped four on them and San Jose just recently. This would be a fracasso of ra castle's for Adrian heath. From Minnesota United. For where they were at the beginning and middle of this season to now. This skid right now, if I were Minnesota, if I were Adrian heath, I would be very nervous. Adrian heath and Minnesota United have never been your favorites, Turk, let the record show Minnesota. You got them in the crosshairs yet again here on what is called America. Portland and Minnesota United are going to be the two teams to miss out. I agree with you to some extent, but not entirely. I think Portland is going to miss out. But I think Minnesota will win their game. I'm going with the basics, right? I'm kind of going with the home teams here. Minnesota at home in a must win against Vancouver team, they're not much better than, but marginally better

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