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The sixers amateur fights to champion so it was definitely a great experience. That outs somebody like that. it was good work. I can tell you that you went to was that. Enter his jim. Oh dan how they feel. Did you get. Did you get like butterflies. Because obviously everybody looking at you you know. It's it's there jim. It's their jimmy. You the outsider until you fucking spall and show you got it and they give you that. I bet you the outside but am i wrong. In my opinion the different was everybody. Nice how was it in. How'd you how'd it feel for you know you're going like an outsider. People don't know you know go down They come to is super super. Nice gym on the they. They come greet she. You know everybody's friendly they wanna know. What in coming from. Our coaches ruined algebra coaches so it was definitely a great experience. They walk me and we'll open arms for sure. What would you say you've changed in terms of style from them now because obviously then you were training yourself you were you were doing things you see on tv and just putting it together. You know what. I mean now. I guess you're i'm hoping you're getting some sort of direction So so. I guess i don't know what is some of the differences Patients being a lot more patients Seen the ring a lot better and started to see.

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