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Never. A one. Tragic. Good morning. Ninety five year old grandmother, right before she passed. She actually cooked through a cast iron Skillet. That's how long she had it. Nelson's guitar. Literally, she had, we had to get rid of. I mean, we were all sad amazing. Over. When I had that hole in the floor of my blazer lifting to help there in Michigan with all the salt on the roads. I, I had a Fred Flintstone thing going with my blazers. So did Bob as a matter me both did that that'll that'll happen back in the day. Perfected that now I remember that. Yeah. That was a great car, though. Many memory if that car could talk would say, hey, fix them deals. The leaking oil for a year hold, my gut here now. God. So we've got does still happen. Let's emphasize that. I, I was watching the mecum auction the other day I went down there. Awesome. Just kind of want to go down there and get that car that you should have had in high school. You know, the, the mach one nine black black did. I had my eye on. Yeah. I know exactly what you're talking about. Cool there, cool. Those are cool there didn't use to have a coolness factor. Nyah semen, go. Oh my God. You wanna hear mine? Go ahead. I went to make them auction. And I really have my I on a nineteen seventy El Camino air. What are you nuts? I loved this car. It was cherry red black interior now nineteen seventy five you wouldn't have gotten me an El Camino. But now I thought it was really cool. I called her. She goes, don't you dare by that? Put about an elk Camino for kind of cool. Not really a truck, right? Right. Close. It was also used to be in those after school specials. Don't.

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