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Jethro Tull Texas and I'm sitting here with the author of founding martyr the life and death of doctor Joseph warn the American revolutions lost hero a Christian this being a you just said that there are letters from Abigail Adams and others that that seem to say that he was my the that his corpse at the battle of Bunker Hill was mutilated by the British to the point of of decapitation right and there's one letter that Abigail rights to John Adams saying that she had heard this from two defecting British soldiers but that it was probably rumor and then there's a letter written to John Adams by Benjamin hitch born in December of seventy five talking about a British lieutenant that went on the field of battle Doug warns remains up cut off his head spent his face we don't know if it's true it's the only letter that we have from his point to Adams but there is no denying that one's body was mutilated by British band that's by the **** of their guns I mean they have been so for look everyone knew worn one British officer called warn the greatest incendiary in all America not Samuel Adams Joseph warrant they all knew who he was they all knew he was a tireless patriot engaged in resistance activities against the crown I guess you've you've just kind of clarify things for me in other words this is like you know putting a bullet through the head of Osama bin laden if you are a brit and you think of the revolutionary insurgents as the enemy this is the head of the snake this this guy was the leader and how brave of him to remain behind while these provincials are it you know escaping to Cambridge I mean that says a lot about his character that he would do that absolutely and look the royal governor of Massachusetts Thomas such as at first well no one can even believe warns that this battle why would someone that important be at the fighting on the front one you know it's just says unheard of then as it would be now it would be like Mario Cuomo or some some politician from New York showing up at a battle it just wouldn't happen so they say that so Hutchinson says had warned lived he would have become the crime all of North America lieutenant governor Peter Oliver says had warned live Washington's name would have been in obscurity hold this is how this is why you know before this George Washington there's Dr Joseph worn and that's why we have to look at this with the right mind set right now the twenty first century mindset and eighteenth century price said in seventy five George Washington's not George Washington when he arrives in Cambridge in July of seventy five is the general of the Continental Army he has the full doctor Joseph worn shoes Washington's unknown you know what I had heard that that he had to fill Warren shoes and that's why he was dragged uhnd into service up there that's very interesting yeah now you know you you were talking about Warren's fiance I was who they were they were never married but we she was the that was she the principal care giver for his kids ward where they turned over to another family so again and nasty custody battles sort of engages she's in Worcester Massachusetts for their protection before Lexington and Concord a few weeks earlier warned sent them out there under the care of his friend Dr larger discs months later one of the brothers of worn comes takes two of the sons then he comes back several months later takes one of the children to the daughter and then she's left with the one daughter she's pleading with them to at least keep the daughter she's taken but then over the next several years she's visiting them then they're in her care for a while it seems that the family eventually makes amends but it's just really tragic because one loses everything I mean she really behaves like his widow even though she was not officially absolutely absolutely my gonna it's amazing to think that she lived fifty years beyond that up to other photographs of her I guess not it was recently work work written on warned that talks about a painting that could have been her but there's really no source document right of it so we don't know there's a painting that exist of her sister but we we know for sure it's just so amazing when you when you see you know photography come into existence in the eighteen forties certainly you know we have a handful of photographs of people from that era who lived through that era just that just a few of them just looking up at his nephew in eighteen forty nine right pretty amazing yes well we're where do you go from here I mean you've spent so many years working on this book it's amazing to me you you have the joy of hanging out down there in Colonial Williamsburg I hope people listening to this program physical anyone's yes just having down there now you do sold any talks are you guys I was doing volunteer work with them I mean I I I can't underscore enough how helpful they were to me they which I mean even obscure things like I found that worn on the vermilion color carriage so I went to the people who deal with pain corny wings were gonna tell me wow for million you know how wealthy would have had to been to half of a million colored carriage and it was a high fashion in London so just from that one document one sense tells you where worn as as far as social status the fact that that such an ostentatious carriage to be driving around those cobblestone streets of Boston John Hancock had it for million colored carriage so it's you know just from these little things when you're surrounded by these experts of the period it just helps tell the story more accurately brings it to life more now do you do you give talks in Williamsburg yeah I guess I've been giving talks everywhere as much as I can to try and make people aware of the importance of the you don't dress up on you know in a buff waistcoat no I do I should I should come on should that that that would be that would be a lot of fun it is amazing to me to walk around there again it's been you know ten years more but it is such a delightful place history really does come to life and it's just so rare that anything like that is done you know it it makes Disney world look like Disney world right I mean it it's it's it's historical recreation a level it's just stunning and again it's not just another George Washington slept here I mean they they are the X. it's I mean they are so meticulous with the research yeah it's like being in a time machine down there it really is all I know like fantasy island tattoos morning yes in the body of her villagers buried no it's it is it is an amazing it is an amazing thing I love Colonial Williamsburg and that you just talking to you about it makes me want to go back find an excuse to go back right now when you know so I mean it is it is so it's just so beautiful now this book is now out in paperback yes yeah they released it on Warren's birthday June eleventh I think this is two hundred and forty something yeah okay so yeah that was a nice little did it did his skull make an appearance no it's incredible you said he's buried in rock springs now is as great prominently marked yes so the the great thing was is that there is it's a five hundred underground five hundred square foot tune and in October of twenty sixteen because one was a freemason the Freemasons of Massachusetts got together and dedicated a beautiful bronze statue on top that's all that she is in Roxbury okay folks are gonna be right back we're talking to the author of founding martyr the life and death of doctor Joseph warned the American revolutions lost heroes here Contax show don't go away nine twenty is the enter how was the doctor not what I expected I have arthritis how can I help well doctor give me a run down on what to know.

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