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Offer customized financial planning for you, not just your assets. Learn more by calling 8 8 8 5 9 8 39 66. One O three on WTO, on day Wednesday, the 5th of October. Clouds in 54° as we try to get near 60. Good afternoon, I'm more clueless. And I'm Gigi Barnett, the top local stories we're following this hour and Marilyn governor Larry Hogan is on the list of witnesses in the federal fraud case against his former chief of staff. Roy McGrath, who served briefly as Maryland governor Larry Hogan's chief of staff, faces 8 federal counts, including wire fraud and embezzlement and court documents show that governor Hogan is on the witness list. The question to the jurors with the fact that the governor is a witness affect their ability to be fair and impartial. The charges stem from McGrath's exit from the Maryland environmental service, he got a severance package of more than $233,000, and he insisted that Hogan had okayed the arrangement. Hogan strenuously denied knowing of the deal and said he did not sign off on it, a daily record reports McGrath's defense wants to introduce recorded phone conversations in the case, graphs trial gets underway October 24th, Kate Ryan. WTO news. Governor Hogan spokesperson Michael Ricci says that in a statement to WTO that Hogan's office has been actively assisting on the ongoing investigations and that they are confident that the justice system will uphold a public trust. Campaign 2022 now were following some developing political news out of Northern Virginia. After a long time, democratic delegate marquin resigned last month and election to replace him is coming together. Democrats will be selecting their nominee this weekend as they work to replace keem. It'll be on Saturday hosted by the fairfax county democratic committee with voters choosing from candidates Carl frisch, a fairfax county school board

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