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No so they didn't get much but there's there's been numerous times there's been police raids i remember walked in in one of my tenets on saint joe said he didn't have rent i go to knock on his door he says come in their scales there's we'd there's coq all over the kitchen table couple of thousand dollars were the stuff jeez and he looks at me and i go you don't have the rent money and he goes no and i said have it by the end of the day and give you notice sugar now he goes what if i know i said i'll just stand here call the police right exactly so it is any reasonable person would right but there's the mood part is the police don't really wanna come as happened webb said look i'm in this apartment there's plants there's the paraphernalia everything and if i don't have a search warrant per se they're like we can't do anything because you're just in they're doing a repair will you saw it in plain sight isn't playing cycle rule no i i don't know i've called a few times and they haven't shut up no kid yes i had i one doping entire room addition in the basement of a house you allow sound i didn't know about it he made sure it was airproof it had its own ventilation system its own water system what to earth drugs to grow oh yeah it was about ten by twelve room he cocked all the seems so is completely airs weeknights some nice carpentry work oh yeah it was there was in addition to your house yes am i will cost low cost i had to take it out though once before i rented it so here so tell me about the time he got shot at by police how that happened i almost got shot a couple of times of one of the.

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