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Best comics. Hey didn't you see lego batman batman built. That's super. i mean back. In the day i mean during the christopher reeve superman was pretty big. Here's the water. There's i mean. I mean at least until eighty nine russia all the bracket for sure. Yeah that's sad. Somebody super stuff in his can be in the practice I think i have the lineup supergirl. Steel people. how team votes. I know. But i'm going to stay the initial matchups maybe supergirl and steel or cat or cat woman just automatically advances. It's gonna pump into the twenty fifth. Fantastic four. I don't know i know if it's gonna easily with all marvel not. Hey four two man. I like oh four to is is like the worst mortal in a what i meant. Three was okay. I mean there was two months gave there was too much suits flying around by itself. It's but i mean it wasn't for what it was. Rj said while clean. I'm sober and i basically got your empire. Don't do three tasks. I respect the game. A man already j elevated that move. I could have been way. Worse a min-. Oh three put that movie up. Oh my god. Allah goes charlie. Us be like that's great. Move a nation for free. Oh i do it on weekends serious without your pants on hale chad. Like the ed norton as bruce. Oh my sweet summer. Aright our kids. Who is who is. Who is better or worse. Ed norton or eric bana now might be a bracket gas. I incredible.

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