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Hey we're live in huntington beach at resort and spa mason ireland. I think we're we're just talking about. Max brown is going to be part of the u._s._c. pre and post game him this year football radio we there we no longer have the u._s._c. games but he's max is gonna be on that crew and he actually transferred out of u._s._c. right and as i recall you so you can check me on this. He was part of the famous. <hes> one guy plays one half. One guy plays the other half game in hawaii. It was cody kessler wrestler and max brown. I think won the job. I think you're getting those confused. I think max brown started the season as a quarterback and was replaced by sam darnold. I think he played a game. An alabama waxed u._s._c. and then they brought salmon after that but i could be getting them confess because remember sam didn't start until the utah game in week four <hes> the year that he won the right but then lost his first start to a utah sixteen. I think max brown was the guy that that same replaced. I think max was the quarterback trojans here where greg's looking it up. <hes> in two thousand sixteen max brown is fighting for the starting jobs. That was the year that he did. I think he was the quarterback think darnold was the quarterback in sixteen and seventeen seventeen and then he went to the jets and so where he was the climate on me. I miss money thousand bucks thousand bucks mythical money right off. How did you say that cody kessler replaced max brown icy sam darnold replace max brown. That's the that's the bet all right somebody that knows this. It's this is easy. This is easy money okay because i was at that game in hawaii. <hes> the <hes> twenty sixteen season sam darnold took over for max brown. Let me go ahead. Keep yeah behind next season to redshirt. Freshman darnold was the second string quarterback behind max brown round victory dollars four. So what am i thinking you're thinking of mail her back's wittig yeah. That's what you gonna. Max wooded brands for the update used you before i made the bet <hes> he massacre versus alabama..

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